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Just remember: The tragedy in Colorado was part of God’s plan. So if you want to place blame on anyone, I guess it’s his fault.

2 Responses

  1. I understand from recent reports that Holmes’ assault rifle jammed; otherwise there’d have been even more carnage.

    Now the question every red-blooded Republican capitalist is asking himself is, “Does this mean my Smith & Wesson stock is going to take a hit?”

  2. Assault rifle? Meaningless term. No one can even come up with a definition for it. Also, the rifle he used wasn’t automatic and frankly almost any semi-auto carbine would have performed the same way. The only real difference between the rifle he used and your average rifle used for hunting is the number of things that can be attached.

    I would hazard a guess that if he had procured an automatic weapon, there would be fewer dead and injured. There is a reason that our military standard issue rifle is semi-automatic – its far more accurate.

    There is also a reason why a few soldiers in every platoon are outfitted with automatic weapons, but that has more to do with covering fire than it does with actually shooting anyone. Automatics are desperately hard to control.

    Neither gun control nor concealed carry would have done much in this situation, though I would give the edge to concealed carry if I had to choose. I only say that because body armor only stops the round going through your body, the energy imparted can still damage organs, break bones and cause other havoc. So shooting him may well of slowed down or disabled him.

    Crazy people are crazy, no law or precaution will make them sane.

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