VP debate

I’m not going to write a whole lot about last night’s VP debate, but I do want to note how absolutely stunned I am that anyone, barring the employees of FOX News, could possibly imagine that Paul Ryan even came remotely close to winning. Vice President Biden ran circles around the guy, exposed mounds and mounds of Republican malarkey, and made an incredible case for President Obama.

Oh, and if Romney can be described as having energy in his last debate*, then why isn’t the media and everyone talking about how fired up Biden was? Come on.

*Romney didn’t have any real energy, nor did he win the first debate. The President showed a malaise like demeanor and thus, at least in style, lost. Romney was just there to accept the spoils. He may as well be the 2006 Cardinals or 2007 Giants.

5 Responses

  1. “then why isn’t the media and everyone talking about how fired up Biden was?”

    Ask yourself two things:
    1) What result gets more viewers to watch, to generate more ad revenue? Could it be “we’ve got a horse-race here”?
    2) Who in the media is getting a tax cut, and whose boss is getting a tax cut, only if Romney is elected?

    Those are your answers.

  2. It really is sickening, isn’t it? Biden was the clear winner. Calling out Ryan at every utter of a lie. That’s what debates are, right?

  3. As a non US citizen looking on with trepidation to your elections I fervently hope that Romney loses and fades back into obscurity. The UK has a conservative government in spite of a Liberal power share agreement but the rich have gotten their tax concessions and the poor are paying for them. We even have a right-wing cabinet minister who has called police officers guarding 10 Downing street “plebs”. Please. please America, the world has enough problems without another Reagan in control of the world’s most powerful war machine!

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