Thought of the day

There are very few non-ivy league colleges and universities that are actually any better than the average run-of-the-mill school (at least education-wise). People think that if they spend $35K a year on their education, they must be getting far better professors who are able to pass along their knowledge far better than other professors at other schools. It isn’t really true. Some of the more expensive schools may have better resources for courses where that matters*, but the education one receives from a state university in, say, Idaho, is not significantly different from the education one receives just about anywhere else. Moreover, very few people even care about a person’s place of education once that person gets into the “real” world.

*If a person majors in sociology, the greater resources probably won’t make a huge difference. However, a person who majors in a lab-based/heavy science may see some notable benefit in terms of equipment.

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