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Racism and sexism derive from racist and sexist acts, thoughts, behaviors, and statements made on the basis of race and/or sex. They do not derive from social structures and institutions, though they may be prevalent in those areas.

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  1. You seem to be saying that racism and sexism are not derived from Society (it’s institutions or structures). That leaves me baffled as the only other source of derivation of sexism and racism is the individual apart from Society. I’d like to know what study provided you this information….especially in studying those individuals in the control group that are not influenced by society’s norms and values.

    To me, It’s a self evident truth that racism or sexism could be caused by the Family, Religious group, Community, or Education……..all part of Society’s institution and structures.

    Or am I, once again, misinterpreting what you are saying?

  2. What I’m trying to get at is the source of racism/sexism. I believe it comes from the individual and is not dependent upon social structures. Those structures (religion, family, etc) can perpetuate and influence racist thought, but it comes down to the individual.

    Essentially, this post is against the pervasive notion that racism/sexism can only come from institutions and the dreaded “patriarchy”. Under that notion, the only way a person can be racist/sexist is if they’re reflecting a broader pattern found throughout society. That seems inane to me. There’s no reason a black person cannot be racist towards an Asian person, white person, or Hispanic person. There’s no reason a man or a woman cannot be sexist towards both men and women. The mindset I’m arguing against is the one which says otherwise to these things, the mindset which relegates the ability to be discriminated against to just those who are members of groups historically subject to discrimination. I think that perpetuates a perspective of segregation which causes people to necessarily see themselves are different and separate from others on the basis of race and sex.

    None of this is to say racism and sexism aren’t worse for particular groups. They clearly are. But that doesn’t somehow mean they don’t even exist for more ‘privileged’ groups.

  3. So I probably worded my original post poorly since it’s true that racism and sexism are found and perpetuated by a whole host of institutions, but I hope I’ve clarified my intentions here.

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