Always ask: What did the police do to escalate the situation?

Whenever we hear of a police encounter, whether it be between two individuals or a crowd versus an entire department or a swat team raiding the wrong house or a cop shooting a dog (as they have a fetish to do), the first question we should ask ourselves is: What did the police do to escalate the situation? This isn’t the case with all police. Those of, say, Canada or France or Norway needn’t have this question follow them. But the police of places like Russia and Iran and the U.S. and China have earned it. It’s a question for police states.

Note that in addition to bringing in military toys, the police response here also included a violation of the guy’s Fourth Amendment rights.

2 Responses

  1. Antagonistic Attitudes meet resistance…it’s human nature. This guy was looking for trouble…egging the police along ’till they acted inappropriately.

  2. I don’t think he was egging anyone on. He’s more than respectful in every encounter he records. (Check out his YouTube channel. You may have seen his recent video of him ‘pulling over a cop’ and giving the cop a warning for driving an illegal undercover vehicle.) The problem is that the police have a figurative (and sometimes literal…but figurative here) policy of shoot first, ask questions later. They heard that a man dared use the word “gun”, so they rushed in with military grade weapons, violated his Fourth Amendment rights, and then had a conversation with him. They escalated the situation; the entire encounter was their fault.

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