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Apparently Congress is having a little trouble passing a bill to fund Homeland Security. I say good. Don’t fund it. And while we’re at it, let’s not fund the DEA, the TSA, and the NSA. These organizations are dangerous (the DEA especially), useless (the TSA especially), and/or outright antagonistic to liberty (the NSA especially).

2 Responses

  1. Problem with that is that many of the HS departments are very important and not part of the problem.

    The Coast Guard, Customs, Secret Service, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (which is NOT the Border Patrol) and FEMA among them. It would really be a cut-your-nose-off-to-spite-your-face kind of thing.

    And TSA is, btw, part of Homeland Security.

  2. Sure, the DHS has individual components that are important, but most of those existed long before it was ever proposed. The DHS is simply an excuse for expanded bureaucracy. We should de-fund it and return the government to how it was minus the sole issue that caused the creation of the DHS in the first place: a lack of communication between the CIA and FBI.

    I suppose I’ve been through enough airports where I should have realized the TSA was an agency of the DHS, but this really only goes to explain even further why it’s so useless.

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