Thought of the day

I’m still waiting to read the first news article ever to discuss the disciplinary record of a cop who is also a victim of a crime. Because the media seems to have no problem when the victim is a black man – even one who complied with everything and did absolutely nothing wrong.

2 Responses

  1. They don’t do this in all cases, obviously, but I have heard them report on the number of excessive force complaints some officers had in some cases. It seems like even when there is evidence of such a pattern, it rarely matters at trial.

  2. Yeah, they’ll (sometimes) do that when the cop is the perpetrator, but we never see it done when the cop is the victim. For instance, no media outlet ever published the disciplinary records of the 5 cops that were shot in Dallas last year. Of course, they didn’t do that because it would have been inappropriate since they weren’t being specifically targeted for their prior, individual acts. Yet when someone like Philando Castile gets shot for doing absolutely nothing wrong, we immediately get to hear about his driving record and driving-related misdemeanors.

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