Maine religious leaders get it right

A collection of religious leaders across Maine recently held a news conference advocating that Maine end its current policy of active discrimination.

BANGOR — Religious leaders across the state held news conferences Thursday to urge Mainers to end marriage discrimination against gay and lesbian couples, and called for the state to create same-sex civil marriages.

“We feel a moral obligation at this pivotal time to raise our voices on behalf of Mainers who are denied that most basic human right — the right to marry and form a family with the person of their choice,” said the Rev. Mark Doty, pastor at the Hammond Street Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, in Bangor.

It’s refreshing to see some of the semi-rational religious leaders of Maine finally get their voice out there (there are still religious leaders, hence the “semi”). Of course, with the semi-rational leaders come the crazies.

“I [Marc Mutty, director of the Office of Public Affairs] don’t think [the coalition] represents a great majority of the religious community in Maine,” he said. “They represent marriage as a civil right and believe that anyone that meets certain criteria should be able to marry.

Of course they don’t represent a majority of the religious community. They aren’t bigots.

“Marriage is the building block of society and includes procreation,” Mutty continued. “Without procreation, and same sex couples can’t, they’re missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle. The argument is not any more complicated than that.”

It’s beyond me why someone thinks this is a valid argument. It is not required that one have children or even touch one’s partner upon obtaining a marriage license. Intent or ability to procreate is irrelevant when the state issues a marriage license.

Unfortunately, one of the semi-rational leaders had to go and reconfirm the need for the “semi” before he stopped speaking.

“I cannot fathom a God who would discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity,” she said. “My Universalist tradition believes that God loves everyone equally. Why then should we deny anyone who loves the right to make a lifelong marriage commitment?”

I can fathom a god who is misogynistic. It isn’t very hard. I can also fathom one that discriminates based upon sexual orientation. In fact, the particular Christian god feels sodomy is a capital crime.

Did you know evolution leads to autocracies?

Yes, that’s right. The more states improve their school systems, the more scientists become effective at conveying their fields, the more the facts of evolution are known, the more and more we will head to an autocracy. At least that’s what crazy ol’ Rev. Dallas E. Henry thinks.

Secular humanists cling to the theory of evolution as truth. If mankind is nothing more than a highly adapted animal with this life being all there is, then there is no higher moral law with which to concern ourselves. With only human laws, people will risk the odds in getting caught to engage in abhorrent behavior. If this life is all there is, people can do whatever they feel like and the only authority they have to answer to is other people. If enough people live by this philosophy, either anarchy or an autocracy (government by a single individual ruler) will be the result.

So in other words, if a nation becomes too secular it will fall into utter chaos. Or it will fall in line under the strict control of a single individual. Yes, that’s right. Rev. Dallas Cowboys believes that the more people come to understand science, the more government will become one particular way. Or the more it will become exactly the opposite way. Whatever. Let’s not parse words. It’s just important that we all realize that evilution will lead to something bad, even if Rev. Cowboys is incapable of putting forth a coherent argument toward that point.

Oh, and it isn’t just evolution. It’s all of science.

Paul wrote to the Romans, “although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God…” Secular Humanists and atheists rely totally on science to explain everything. In reality, natural law has become their God. Natural law is a description of what has been observed to happen when certain conditions occur i.e. the law of gravity states that if something falls from the sky it will eventually hit the ground. Anything contrary to that defies natural law and therefore cannot be true. Science is anti – God; it is a gift from God. But when man’s knowledge begins to take precedence over God’s eternal power, “they became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened.” These people refuse to allow room for anything supernatural to exist. If it cannot be explained logically, it can’t be true.

Carl Sagan put it best when he said, “You can’t break the laws of Nature; there are no penalties for doing so. The real world…is merely so arranged that transgressions can’t happen.” It does not matter if Rev. Cowboys thinks something contrary to gravity or the speed of light can occur through the magic of his particular god. I return to Sagan here, “The Universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.” And that’s exactly what Rev. Cowboys is espousing – his ambition. Sure, he has it all gussied in this whole god-guise. But it’s still his ambition, likely instilled in him since birth, or perhaps through some personal experience which he incorrectly attributed to the predominant god of his culture. His ambitions and anti-science spewing vitriol will always pale, however, in comparison to the work of scientists, just as the ugliness of his horribly evil teachings based upon his horribly ugly god contrasts so starkly with the beauty that is revealed through science.