Milienne update

I’m ecstatic to report that the little girl, Milienne, who was attached to me every moment in the rescue center (and me to her) is going home to her family in the coming weeks.

I’m back

I’m back from my trip to Haiti. I really don’t know where or how to start, but I do know I don’t have the energy to get much going right now. So for the moment, here is a quick picture taken with someone’s phone. (I’ve yet to upload or see many photos taken with real cameras, but they’re on the way.)

That’s me playing with Milienne in the rescue center in Casale. She was attached to me from within the first few seconds I entered the building. I’m really glad I know her. Should the day come that I have a daughter, she will also be named Milienne.

Haiti and the immediate aftermath of the Earthquake

Things will certainly be improved during my visit, but I do not have high expectations.

Haiti update

I leave for Haiti tomorrow. I will first be in Connecticut for Friday night, then Saturday morning I will be leaving from JFK. I should arrive in Port Au Prince sometime around noon. For anyone interested in tracking my group’s activity, we will have an international phone that shows our location. We can also post updates on what we’re doing (and I suspect we will). Go to this website to see everything. It looks to me like everything is visible without logging into anything, but I’ve been given a password for everyone to use: haiti2012.

I’ve scheduled a number of blog posts and I’m going to arrange for someone to monitor things while I’m gone. I don’t know if he will make any posts, but I’ve made it so he can. I’ll be back home on the 31st.

Haiti reminder

This is just a quick reminder about my Haiti trip and the continued need for donations. We have an online auction as well as a page for straight donations. Anybody who wants to post this on their Facebook wall or blog would be greatly appreciated.

Every little bit helps.

How to help Haiti

I have more information for my upcoming trip to Haiti. First, there is an online auction which is currently taking place. There aren’t a ton of items on there, but there are some really good ones. For instance,

Weekend at the Ocean

Labor Day, 2012 weekend stay (3 nights) at a cabin on Round Pond Harbor (near New Harbor and Pemaquid Point), sleeps 6, use of 3 kayaks, extra night available for $100

The starting bid for that is $100 (which is an incredible deal for just about anything on the Maine coast during the last day of the summer season). It is valued at $500, but even that is still a great deal. Who knows what it will go for, but it can’t hurt to put in a bid.

My second piece of updating has to do with the way one can donate. We still need things like craft and school supplies and medical items which can be sent directly to UMA (see here), but one of the best ways to help is by donating good, ol’ cash. Fortunately, we have managed to get things up to speed for the 21st century and it is now possible to donate online. Every little bit helps.

I’m going to do what I can to keep things up to date here, but it can’t hurt to also like our Facebook page.

Thank you, Mountain House

In my recent post about my upcoming trip to Haiti I mentioned that I planned on purchasing Mountain House meals. I used these for a trip I did nearly 3 years ago over part of the Appalachian Trail known as the 100 Mile Wilderness. It was a grueling hike that took over 8 days and required everyone involved to lug in a lot of weight; we probably started with 45 pounds each, trekking over some of the most difficult terrain the AT has to offer. The Mountain House meals made things much easier than they otherwise would have been. We saved space and weight, plus they were extremely easy to prepare (boil water, dump boiling water in pouch, wait, eat). I have to imagine they will be a big help for us in Haiti, especially considering the fact that we specifically have space and weight concerns.

With my past trip in mind, I sent off an email to Mountain House. I gave them the details on what I will be doing and asked if they would be willing to make a donation. As I said in my email, I plan on buying the meals whether or not the company can help us out, but I let them know anything they could do would be hugely appreciated. To my delight (and, in March, to the delight of a number of Haitians), they offered to match whatever I purchased up to 20 items. That constitutes a donation of approximately 40 meals (each pouch is two servings). This is going to make a positive impact all around. Not only will we have more food to share with our hosts, but we will have more space for carrying in other supplies such as crayons, pencils, clothes, and more.

In addition to thanking Mountain House here on FTSOS, I have also thanked them on the Facebook page for the trip. Only a few students have “liked” the page so far (I recently created it), but it would be good for anyone to like it. I plan on utilizing it to get information out there on how to donate, including updates on bidding in an online auction of various items. (The auction is meant to bring in money we will be directly giving to Casale.)

So again, thank you to Mountain House and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.