LePage talks where he cannot lead

As I’ve mentioned previously, in order to speak with a relevant voice about obesity in the United States, it is necessary that the speaker is making an honest effort towards health. Republican candidate for Maine governor Paul LePage is clearly not doing that, if anything gaining weight during his campaign of creationism, tea partying, and lies. Of course, as a matter of simple logic, the truth of a statement does not depend upon the credibility of the person saying. If a murderer says murder is wrong, we don’t think he’s somehow incorrect. But LePage is a politician (and nothing but). It’s the effectiveness of his words that matters. Despite this, he’s still impotently spouting off.

LePage said parents and schools need to better educate children on nutrition, but he also linked the problem to Maine’s economy.

“In this state, all we have to do is make this state prosperous, allow Maine families to go from 80 percent of the national average in earnings to 100 percent so they can compete and buy healthy groceries,” he said.

If this all comes down to personal earnings, then why is it that LePage is able to maintain healthy finances but not a healthy lifestyle?

Paul LePage’s unofficial FB page hires campaign admin

Paul LePage is running a campaign that is obviously dishonest. He has a Facebook fan page to which his people link from his official campaign website. But on that page, there is the claim that policy questions cannot be answered because it is a fan run page. As it turns out, that isn’t true.

Since then, especially after LePage won the nomination, the fan page took off in popularity. Given that, the campaign uses it as an obvious resource to reach supporters (i.e. fans). Not long after I created the page, I made an official campaign employee one of the Admins. To date, I myself am still not a campaign employee.

This comes from Aaron Prill, a LePage supporter with strong ties to services for which the LePage campaign is paying or will pay.

So you got it all? Paul LePage is not responsible for what goes on at his page – like the deletion of questions about his strong support for creationism – but everyone can feel free to click the link from his official campaign website in order to get more LePage information from his campaign people. Who aren’t responsible for the page. Of course.