Why, thank you for the faux concern

Christopher Hitchens has been talking about his cancer, what he’s going through, the response he has been getting, etc. One of the questions that interviewers always ask is how he feels about people who say they will pray for him. Hitchens responds that the sentiment is touching, but he clearly is not appreciative when the motivation is to appease some god. If the person doing the praying is genuine and would like to see Hitchens regain full health, that’s wonderful. But if the person only hopes to convert him out of a sense of blind duty to some god, then that’s just petty and silly.

With that in mind, I would like to thank whoever sent out emails to Need Him Ministries and First Baptist Church of Covington. I received 9 emails today which were either subscriptions to religious newsletters from these groups (or their affiliates) or were direct responses from a few individuals. It looks like all the subscriptions came from one of the responding individuals signing me up for them, not from whoever sent the original emails, but I’m not entirely sure. At any rate, the basis for the emails was this post.

I’m still waiting for someone, anyone!, to offer me even some evidence for God.

I’m still waiting.

The person who signed up the email account attached to this site (it isn’t my regular email, in case anyone bothered to wonder) apparently went online and got my address and phone number to send to these people as well. That raises a few issues. First, I don’t live at that address anymore. Second, that address doesn’t actually exist anymore. Third, the phone number is to a land line I don’t think even exists anymore. But I think my favorite issue here is that whoever sent the emails sent them to at least two organizations: Need Him Ministries and First Baptists Church of Covington. The first group appears to be directed towards reaching anyone it can. But the second group is specifically based out of Augusta…Augusta, Georgia. That’s close to my hometown of Augusta – only about 1100 miles off.

It doesn’t really matter if I get spam sent to my email; it isn’t hard to delete or block unwanted junk. But I do feel somewhat bad. I had to send an apology to one person for her time being wasted. Granted, she believes in superstitious nonsense and time away from that is probably time well spent, but that doesn’t mean I want to waste her time.

But what I don’t feel bad about is the 1400+ word response I got from David Shelton. It was, of course, filled with nonsense and logical fallacies, but that isn’t the worst of it. It was all just canned bullshit. How do I know? Well, this.

Although a brain injury and resulting dementia has taken David off the stage, we are encouraged to hear how his ministry still blesses others.

Yeah, somehow I don’t think the email was personalized.

But I know you’re all dying to get a look at some of the bullshit.

I can see that you are struggling with the whole concept of God, yet I know that in your mind you struggle with who is God, yet you have a keen awareness that there is a God who created all the order and intelligence, since the very existence of such knowledge reveals that a higher being must exist.

I have a pretty clear concept of God based upon how believers define him – that is, how they define him until someone bothers to ask any question. Then it’s just evade, evade, evade! Perhaps it is believers who need to get through their struggles with the whole concept of God. And order and intelligence? Those two facts reveal that 1) there are physical laws and 2) the power of evolution.

Now evidence for God exists everywhere, even evidence that this God is the very God spoken of in the Bible. If I had the time I could write multiple text books on this matter. As a matter of fact many people already have, yet most who don’t really want to discover God but continue on with their heads in the sand denying the truths of God which are plain and simple to them.

Ah, this ol’ chestnut. If someone doesn’t believe in God, it’s because of a desire not to discover. And why wouldn’t someone want to discover God?

Yet for one who doesn’t want to know God, because of their fears of not wanting any being to put any kind of demands upon their lives, they will never know God, or truly follow Him. Cowardice and pride is the greatest enemy of most who claim to be atheists or agnostics, because they truly do not like even the idea of God, much less are they willing to look at the evidence without reservation with an open mind….and heart.

Yes, yes, of course. Atheists just don’t want to feel like they have any holy obligations. Of course, this whole argument is premised on the idea that it is plausible that God might exist and for that reason we think, oh boy, we better stick our heads in the sand. Except the whole idea behind being an atheist is that most of us don’t think God is plausible. We aren’t rejecting God because we don’t like what he has to say; that suggests atheists secretly believe in God but just prefer a more hedonistic and selfish path. In fact, we don’t believe in God, we don’t believe in God, we don’t believe in God.

Try this. Seriously pray and say to God. “God, I don’t know if you exist or if Jesus was who he claimed to be, your Son who died for us, but if you are real and if this is true, will you please help me to see you and to come to know you. Reveal yourself to me while I read, study and seek you and help me to overcome my doubts.”

This is my favorite. The magic-believer asks the rational person to pray…and be serious! The hope here is that the rational person will fall for the trick and actually start believing; it would be the only way to satisfy the request. Of course, if the person really is rational, then none of this is going to happen.

I omitted quite a bit of the email since it is quite long, but there are several times when it is claimed that there is good evidence for belief in God. At no point is a single shred presented. No, no, of course not. Instead, it is hoped that veiled threats of being away from good and near evil will persuade me. Unfortunately for desperate believers, I see anyone who tries to get people to believe something based upon the threat of eternal punishment to be perpetuating evil themselves.

Dear Facebook

Please stop spamming my email with new notifications about nothing. I’ve already told you I want nothing from you; don’t make me unsubscribe to every little thing because you hate your users, their privacy, and leaving people alone.

Thought of the day

Apparently reaching 100,000 blog hits means an increase in spam that gets through the filter. Awesome.