Thought of the day

The great corporations which we have grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them wherever need of such control is shown but it is in duty bound to control them.

~Teddy Roosevelt

More presidential rankings

This time I go with my top five:

5. T. Roosevelt
4. Jefferson
3. FDR
2. Lincoln
1. Washington

(I generally consider Lincoln and Washington interchangeable on that list.)

Teddy Roosevelt was not a progressive

Of course Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t a progressive.

Who, you ask, said this? Why, none other than Glenn Beck. Even though I was in my car by myself, I literally lol’d this one. What made it all the greater was that he said this immediately after discussing Roosevelt’s actions toward land conservation. It is for this stuff that I will subject myself to the inanity that is conservative talk radio. It’s pure gold.

Honestly, does Beck just never realize how dumb the words are that come out of his mouth? Christ. Roosevelt was in the Progressive Party of 1912.

To give some context, a resident of Maine had called in to complain about the setting aside of land for preservation in the northern part of the state. This led to a discussion on Ted Turner and all the land he owns in Montana. Beck first argued that government ownership of land is bad because it restricts individual property ownership. Then, and apparently without irony, he argued that Turner’s ownership is bad because he has the land in a trust, meaning that it is locked up effectively for generations. In other words, too much public land ownership is bad because it harms property rights for individuals, but too much private land ownership is bad because then we can’t all use it. Glenn Beck apparently favors a capitalist, communist, free market, socialist, progressive, conservative, libertarian, utilitarian, incoherent moron of a policy in terms of how Americans should own property. Oh, and Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t a progressive.