Just for fun

Here’s another Michael Heath rebuttal (he doesn’t allow dissent in his comment section). I’m not particularly trying to troll the guy or pick on him, but I have to admit I was hoping to find something anti-evolution on his blog. I know he’s made short mention of evolution being a problem, but he has yet to create any explicit article denouncing the foundation of all of biology.

Fortunately, Heath made this post where he blathers on in pride over his bigotry. He makes this statement at the end.

We are dedicated to the proposition that sex outside of marriage is wrong.

Our civilization will continue to nurture this truth, or it will die.

Actually, Mr. Heath, civilizations will continue to thrive because of sex. That isn’t even Bio 101. What Heath means is that civilizations which promote his brand of morality will die. And all the better for it. As he says,

The Bible is the most discomfiting book on the planet.

This is a rare instance where Heath may agree with someone of the likes of Richard Dawkins

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