Golden Globe people get it right

Heath Ledger won a Golden Globe for his role as “The Joker”.

The award for Ledger, who died of an accidental drug overdose last year, was accepted by “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan who said the loss of Ledger was like “a hole ripped in modern cinema.”

“All of us who worked with Heath accept this with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride,” Nolan said onstage, “He will be eternally missed, but he will never be forgotten.”

It’s quite pleasant to finally see some awards going the right way. It was bull when Brokeback Mountain didn’t win best picture for the Academy Awards a few years ago. Crash was pretty good, yes, but it was nowhere the movie Brokeback was. Regardless of one’s persuasions or beliefs or whathaveyou, it’s difficult to argue that wasn’t a near-perfect movie.

While Ledger should have won for Best Actor in Brokeback, he was lightyears better in the supporting role as “The Joker”. He gave, without any doubt, the best performance I have ever seen, no medium excepted.