More Christian Science

I’ve been kicking around some thoughts. There’s a lot of pseudoscience out there. It’s bull. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can tell it’s bull. So I’d like to put forth a challenge. This specifically goes out to Christian Science. Offer me some good evidence that believing really, really hard can heal a person. I’m not talking about spiritual healing. It’d be silly and worthless to seek evidence of something which is actively hidden from evidence. I’m talking about physical healing – something real.

To be fair, asking for evidence of magic is, of course, silly. However, as long as there are people out there making claims – ones which are dangerous – I feel it necessary to ask for some evidence. Given the nature of the people who so readily accept pseudoscience, it may be helpful to define what evidence is not:

  • It is not correlation – correlation is helpful, but just because Jimmy got better when you started praying does not mean your prayers did anything
  • It is not declaration – claim does not make a ‘miracle’ so
  • It is not anecdote – saying Jimmy was healed due to prayer does not offer much evidence; this crosses into my first point
  • It is not mystery – because something is yet unexplained by science does not mean God Did It.

These few points I’ve listed are pretty standard. I’d assume something as ‘true’ as Christian Science could surely offer up evidence which held to such standards? Nay, it should be lightyears ahead it’s so real!