Oh, you guys

I get lots of odd things searched on this blog. It all shows up on my stats page. For instance, someone believes “sex toy fucking” or some variant thereof is either 1) hilarious or 2) will one day yield fruitful results. Keep trying, my friend, but I think Google will give you faster results.

Other than that most searches are “natural selection not random” or something similar. The post being searched is one of my post popular pieces. I believe it’s being passed around in some email because I see a link to inboxes, but I obviously can’t look at anything there. Of course, I’m not the most tech savvy, so I say this with great tentativeness. (If anyone is interested, this is my most popular post of all time.)

Anyway, I’ve recently come across my favorite search result so far.

is ben stein a conservative fruit

Surprise me with some good ones. I may make a whole separate page for these things.