Ignoring points

People prefer rhetoric. They do not care about the details. That is why creationism thrives. It’s why global warming denialists still have a place. It’s why Republicans get elected (Democrats, too). It’s so much easier to paint life with a broad brush – black and white colors only – than to actually delve into the nuance of existence.

Rather than address specific points, people give responses filled with rhetoric. When did this happen? When did we become a nation based upon the best zinger? Look at Joe the Plumber. That asshole was nothing but a political tool (and real life tool). America ate up that fecal deposit.

Go on to any random message board or comment section for any article. If people are disagreeing about an issue (and they are), they aren’t going point-by-point. They aren’t saying “I disagree with this statement and here’s why”. They’re saying “I disagree with your primary position and for that reason do not care to address anything you say”. It’s vapid.

(By the way, my post title references the final episode of “Band of Brothers”.)