Creationists hate honesty

It’s long been known that creationists love to quote-mine. They’ve long done it Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Gould, Albert Einstein, and plenty of other scientists in order to support their positions. No one is really all that surprised when they keep doing it again and again.

So it is nonchalantly* that I present yet another example. This time it’s Creation “Museum” supporter Tom Estes.

So I have been wondering; why do atheists have such animosity for Ken Ham? He is attacked so viciously, so often by atheists that I wonder if they have pure, unadulterated hatred for the man. And again I wonder, why? Before I go on, I want to share this cartoon that was drawn by Jennifer over at

Okay, got it? Estes is looking to support the idea that atheists simply hate Ken Ham. The hatred is so intense it’s even unadulterated. So what’s he do? He reposts a cartoon. Here’s what he featured.



To see the rest of this cartoon, visit the Blaghag.

This seems to support Estes point quite well. Clearly, the cartoon is indicating the pure desire of atheists to express their unadulterated hatred for Ken Ham. But wait!



As it turns out, the cartoon is actually showing that, yes, atheists don’t like Ham very much. He misrepresents science as much as humanly possible. That’s a bad thing. But the point is a far cry from unadulterated hatred. It’s a play off the whole Expelled debacle combined with PZ Myers’ love of squid and squid-like creatures and a mockery of Ken Ham’s silly beliefs about dinosaurs. It’s a bit of fun, and in the end it shows something decidedly less cool but clearly more welcomed – everyone being civil to each other. Estes chopped off this portion of the comic (adding a link back to the front page – not the original post – of the cited blog). He’s just another creationist. He’s willing to ignore what’s inconvenient to him in order to support his position. It’s sort of like the entire concept behind Ken Ham’s bad “museum”.

*Doesn’t it seem like “chalant” should be a word? Instead of “So it is nonchalantly that I present…” it would be way better to say “So it is without chalant that I present…”. Just sayin’.

7 Responses

  1. Another liar for Jesus. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Hey, this is the Jen who drew the comic, and I just wanted to clear something up. I actually asked Tom to not show the comic in its entirely since I had not given him permission and that violated copyright law. So he originally had the whole thing up, but he chopped off the last two panels.

    Uh…I guess technically you did it too, but since you were actually trying to illustrate a point instead of just mocking the comic, and you linked to the correct place, consider this permission to keep the whole thing up.

  3. I actually read your objection to Tom putting up his comic, but I honestly thought copyright law didn’t much apply since nothing here is for profit and I was citing everything. I’m still inclined to believe that, but I’m also extremely open to acknowledging being completely and utterly wrong. Either way, I figured support for your comic, its point, and your blog would probably win me some points. I appreciate that.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. You made absolutly no point here. What does this artice have to do with “christians hating honesty.” I hardly would call the cartoon honest. It is,at best, an opinion, which last time I checked, was something each of us are entitled to. It is a bit suspicious that you would attack such a seemingly nominal viewpoint, especailly if it really holds such little reletive signifigance. I guess you did prove a point… Ken Ham’s point.

  5. 1. I said “creationists”, not “Christians”.
    2. The cartoon isn’t an opinion. It’s a fictional piece of humor.
    3. The rest of what you said is incoherent. But I can grant that maybe it was honestly incoherent.

  6. Aren’t many editorial cartoons ‘fictionnal pieces of humor? (See: Doonesbury)

  7. The only opinion overtly contained within that cartoon is that Ham’s beliefs about dinosaurs are silly. And unlike Kristy, I wouldn’t call that “hardly…honest”.

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