There are a bunch of great new fossil discoveries. I’m pretty busy making some Italian herb chicken (is it weird that the recipe calls for “2.5 lbs chicken parts”?), so I’ll have to write more later, but here’s a snippet from the article.

The scientists say 1.2m-high (4ft) Ardi was good at climbing trees but also walked on two feet. However she did not have arched feet like us, indicating that she could not walk or run for long distances.

“She has opposable great toes and she has a pelvis that allows her to negotiate tree branches rather well,” explained team-member Professor Owen Lovejoy, from Kent State University, Ohio.

“So half of her life is spent in the trees; she would have nested in trees and occasionally fed in trees, but when she was on the ground she walked upright pretty close to how you and I walk,” he told BBC News.


The actual peer-reviewed articles can be found here for free.