Andreas Moritz is a clever snake oil salesman

I’m proud to say that a search of “Andreas Moritz” in Google will yield this post as its second result, right after his personal website. “Dangerous man cancer” will bring that post up as the number 1 result. That’s all fine and dandy – quacks who give out quacky ‘medical’ advice in search of a quick buck deserve to be dressed down as the charlatans they really are. But Moritz, being the snake oil salesman he is, took it a step further (and, really, was just begging for me to make another post by doing so).

In the comment section on the aforementioned post, I linked to Moritz’s FAQ on his website. I made the point that the majority of his FAQs are about how people can pay him for his books. Moritz’s response was to spam the comment section with a nearly 10,000 word post that he cut-and-paste from somewhere (perhaps one of his dangerous books). It took forever just to scroll past that junk. Other than that, he did not bother to defend himself. What response could he have had? He’s a snake oil salesman who only wants to make a buck off the sick and susceptible.

About a month later, an alert reader pointed out that Moritz had changed the link to his FAQ slightly.

Mr. Moritz changed his faq page address from /faq.php to faq.htm so the above link would be broken. Just change the .php to .htm.

I thank the reader, Chris, for pointing this out. I’ve since changed the link in my comment section post. UPDATE January 12, 2012: I’ll give the snake oil salesman a break on this one. It looks like he redesigned his site a little. At any rate, here is the new FAQ and fleecing link.

But what’s to say Moritz isn’t going to just keep changing his links? Nothing. He’s a snake oil salesman. As someone who actually cares about science, I feel it a duty, then, to post his money-grubbing FAQs.

Q. Does Andreas still answer personal e-mail questions?

A. Given the heavy workload (12hours/7days) Andreas is currently experiencing, he can no longer respond to individual e-mail questions. If you would like to set up a personal telephone consultation with him, please visit the consultation page of this website and follow the directions for making an appointment.

Q. I would like to set up a phone consultation with Andreas Moritz. How can I contact him?

A. Please email him at or call his personal number 1-864-895-6295. For payment options, please visit the consultation page of this website.

Q. If I don’t have a credit card, can I pay with electronic check?

A. Yes, you can. Choose the option “ELECTRONIC CHECK PAYMENT” at the time of payment during checkout. You will need the name of your bank, check number, routing number, and the bank account number.

Q. Are there any training seminars or speaking events by Andreas Moritz that one can attend?

A. Currently, Andreas’s daily workload is at maximum level, and he is not able to organize any workshops or seminars in the near future, at least for the time being.

Q. Is there a brochure that explains and shows the Ener-chi Art pictures and other products by Andreas Moritz?

A. Unfortunately, at this time, any information about Andreas’ products is only available through this website. Ener-Chi Art pictures can be viewed here as well.

Q. Do the Ener-Chi Ionized Stones lose their charge or energy over time?

A. No, nothing that you do diminishes the charge and effect of the stones.

Q. How often should I view the Ener-Chi Art pictures to receive the full benefits?

A. The benefits occur within 30 seconds of viewing a picture and last for several weeks. However, the benefits increase with repeated viewing. You may view each picture every day or every couple of days, from half a minute to any length of time you choose. There are no negative side-effects.

Q. Are Andreas’ books available at a discount (wholesale price)?

A. Yes. The best way to sign up for the wholesale discount is to log on the wholesale page of this website. A minimum order of 10 copies of any kind is required to qualify for the wholesaler’s discount. There is a further 10% discount when you order 50 or more books.

Q. Is it possible to get a discount if I order just a few books?

A. No. To receive the wholesaler’s discount, you need to order a total of 10 books or more.

Q. Besides his books, are the Ener-Chi Art pictures and Ionized Stones available at a wholesale discount?

A. To request the wholesaler’s discount for these items, please contact Andreas Moritz directly at This website is not yet set up to automate this service.

Q. Are Andreas books available in Spanish?

A. At this time, only The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush is available in Spanish on this website. However, several other of Andreas’ books are available in Spanish through the Spanish website Ediciones Obelisco. For the most current information regarding which books are available in Spanish, please see the book ordering section of this Ener-Chi website. Or you may contact “Ediciones Obelisco” by e-mail at: or by telephone in Barcelona at: 93 309 8525.

Q. Are any of Andreas’ books available in Russian?

A. Yes, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush and Cancer Is Not a Disease are already available in Russian. And, Heart Disease No More, as well as parts of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, will be available soon. Please contact Julia at Popuri Publishing (Minsk, Belarus), email:, or visit

Q. In what other languages are Andreas’ books available?

A. The ordering section under the description of each book shows in which languages the book is available. Note: some translations are only available in E-book format.

I’ve highlighted 9 out of 14 FAQs that are about how one can give Moritz money. Oh, and those “Ener-Chi Art pictures”? Each one is $22.95. There’s a “special painting” for $34.95.

This man is a complete and utter hack. The only defense he has to offer for this dangerous lunacy is feigned niceness. He wants your money. That’s all he wants. Okay, maybe he wants to harm your health, too. He wrote this about AIDS.

Despite common belief, there is no scientific evidence to this day that AIDS is a contagious disease.

On the other hand, published research actually proves that HIV only extremely rarely spreads heterosexually and cannot be responsible for an epidemic that involves millions of AIDS victims around the world. Furthermore, it is an established fact that the retrovirus HIV, which is composed of human gene fragments, is incapable of destroying human cells. However, cell destruction is the main characteristic of every AIDS disease.

Dozens of prominent scientists working at the forefront of the AIDS research are now openly questioning the virus hypothesis of AIDS.

Yeah, just like all those scientists question evolution. Scoff.

Footnote: I actually have no good category in which to put this, so I’ve created a new one just for Moritz’s dangerous, greedy agenda: Pure Bullshit.