Andreas Moritz is a clever snake oil salesman

I’m proud to say that a search of “Andreas Moritz” in Google will yield this post as its second result, right after his personal website. “Dangerous man cancer” will bring that post up as the number 1 result. That’s all fine and dandy – quacks who give out quacky ‘medical’ advice in search of a quick buck deserve to be dressed down as the charlatans they really are. But Moritz, being the snake oil salesman he is, took it a step further (and, really, was just begging for me to make another post by doing so).

In the comment section on the aforementioned post, I linked to Moritz’s FAQ on his website. I made the point that the majority of his FAQs are about how people can pay him for his books. Moritz’s response was to spam the comment section with a nearly 10,000 word post that he cut-and-paste from somewhere (perhaps one of his dangerous books). It took forever just to scroll past that junk. Other than that, he did not bother to defend himself. What response could he have had? He’s a snake oil salesman who only wants to make a buck off the sick and susceptible.

About a month later, an alert reader pointed out that Moritz had changed the link to his FAQ slightly.

Mr. Moritz changed his faq page address from /faq.php to faq.htm so the above link would be broken. Just change the .php to .htm.

I thank the reader, Chris, for pointing this out. I’ve since changed the link in my comment section post. UPDATE January 12, 2012: I’ll give the snake oil salesman a break on this one. It looks like he redesigned his site a little. At any rate, here is the new FAQ and fleecing link.

But what’s to say Moritz isn’t going to just keep changing his links? Nothing. He’s a snake oil salesman. As someone who actually cares about science, I feel it a duty, then, to post his money-grubbing FAQs.

Q. Does Andreas still answer personal e-mail questions?

A. Given the heavy workload (12hours/7days) Andreas is currently experiencing, he can no longer respond to individual e-mail questions. If you would like to set up a personal telephone consultation with him, please visit the consultation page of this website and follow the directions for making an appointment.

Q. I would like to set up a phone consultation with Andreas Moritz. How can I contact him?

A. Please email him at or call his personal number 1-864-895-6295. For payment options, please visit the consultation page of this website.

Q. If I don’t have a credit card, can I pay with electronic check?

A. Yes, you can. Choose the option “ELECTRONIC CHECK PAYMENT” at the time of payment during checkout. You will need the name of your bank, check number, routing number, and the bank account number.

Q. Are there any training seminars or speaking events by Andreas Moritz that one can attend?

A. Currently, Andreas’s daily workload is at maximum level, and he is not able to organize any workshops or seminars in the near future, at least for the time being.

Q. Is there a brochure that explains and shows the Ener-chi Art pictures and other products by Andreas Moritz?

A. Unfortunately, at this time, any information about Andreas’ products is only available through this website. Ener-Chi Art pictures can be viewed here as well.

Q. Do the Ener-Chi Ionized Stones lose their charge or energy over time?

A. No, nothing that you do diminishes the charge and effect of the stones.

Q. How often should I view the Ener-Chi Art pictures to receive the full benefits?

A. The benefits occur within 30 seconds of viewing a picture and last for several weeks. However, the benefits increase with repeated viewing. You may view each picture every day or every couple of days, from half a minute to any length of time you choose. There are no negative side-effects.

Q. Are Andreas’ books available at a discount (wholesale price)?

A. Yes. The best way to sign up for the wholesale discount is to log on the wholesale page of this website. A minimum order of 10 copies of any kind is required to qualify for the wholesaler’s discount. There is a further 10% discount when you order 50 or more books.

Q. Is it possible to get a discount if I order just a few books?

A. No. To receive the wholesaler’s discount, you need to order a total of 10 books or more.

Q. Besides his books, are the Ener-Chi Art pictures and Ionized Stones available at a wholesale discount?

A. To request the wholesaler’s discount for these items, please contact Andreas Moritz directly at This website is not yet set up to automate this service.

Q. Are Andreas books available in Spanish?

A. At this time, only The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush is available in Spanish on this website. However, several other of Andreas’ books are available in Spanish through the Spanish website Ediciones Obelisco. For the most current information regarding which books are available in Spanish, please see the book ordering section of this Ener-Chi website. Or you may contact “Ediciones Obelisco” by e-mail at: or by telephone in Barcelona at: 93 309 8525.

Q. Are any of Andreas’ books available in Russian?

A. Yes, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush and Cancer Is Not a Disease are already available in Russian. And, Heart Disease No More, as well as parts of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, will be available soon. Please contact Julia at Popuri Publishing (Minsk, Belarus), email:, or visit

Q. In what other languages are Andreas’ books available?

A. The ordering section under the description of each book shows in which languages the book is available. Note: some translations are only available in E-book format.

I’ve highlighted 9 out of 14 FAQs that are about how one can give Moritz money. Oh, and those “Ener-Chi Art pictures”? Each one is $22.95. There’s a “special painting” for $34.95.

This man is a complete and utter hack. The only defense he has to offer for this dangerous lunacy is feigned niceness. He wants your money. That’s all he wants. Okay, maybe he wants to harm your health, too. He wrote this about AIDS.

Despite common belief, there is no scientific evidence to this day that AIDS is a contagious disease.

On the other hand, published research actually proves that HIV only extremely rarely spreads heterosexually and cannot be responsible for an epidemic that involves millions of AIDS victims around the world. Furthermore, it is an established fact that the retrovirus HIV, which is composed of human gene fragments, is incapable of destroying human cells. However, cell destruction is the main characteristic of every AIDS disease.

Dozens of prominent scientists working at the forefront of the AIDS research are now openly questioning the virus hypothesis of AIDS.

Yeah, just like all those scientists question evolution. Scoff.

Footnote: I actually have no good category in which to put this, so I’ve created a new one just for Moritz’s dangerous, greedy agenda: Pure Bullshit.

48 Responses

  1. Why has your blog been invaded by self-deluded idiots? Occam’s Razor seems to not exist in their minds, instead they believe their subjective experiences translates to reality. He is a fraud, it’s obvious to someone who’s scientifically literate. Not so obvious to the willfully ignorant who think there’s a “conspiracy”. Give me a break. Are there self-interested bastards in the insurance and “Big Pharma”? Yes but this does not a conspiracy make. Your inane and feeble accusations raise more questions then answers….

  2. I agree with the above as the points by the visitors do raise some question and I don’t see how changing the link to his posts would make the comments change or disappear.

  3. Andreas Moritz helped me greatly last April when I
    having terrible gall bladder attacks.He patiently and
    caringly guided through them and DID NOT take a
    penny from me! He said that getting me better and
    out of pain was what he was interested in.NOT MY

    They don’t come any better than Andreas.
    He was there for me at a time when I was in do much
    pain I could hardly stand it.Andreas Moritz is not a
    fraud or a snakeoil salesman.He is probably the
    kindest, caring and giving person I have ever known.

  4. What’s your problem, Mr. Hawkins?? Me thinks that you need to see a psychologist. Please, Please, do the world a favour and go to see one. I’m sure, with all that anger you have raging inside you, you’ll be in therapy for years. In fact, seeing you could be quite financially lucrative for a psychologist.

  5. What’s it like to be so incredibly unspiritual, Mr. Hawkins? (You’re obviously anti-spiritual.) I think this, in itself, reveals why you’re such an angry and bitter man. What’s it like to be so filled with hate? Perhaps you can do a blog on that subject. You certainly have your own experience to draw upon.

  6. What does spiritual even mean? And would you not be angry if you saw a con artist hawking his wares to a gullible and hopeful populace?
    @Michael sir I’m sure it did help but have you heard of the placebo effect? It’s a very powerful psychological phenomena

  7. shinken kind of remind me of the great trog

  8. again @ Michael Hawkins, sir you seem to be an extremely intelligent person.a man who believes what he believes with an obvious conviction that fuels his passion beyond just reasonable determination and patience i might add, that are clearly displayed on this page by your continual answering and responding to some of what i would just simply consider ignorance…..whether it would be from negative narrow minded negators or eager to hop in and help supporters…… (Trog the frog)…..That alone in itself is commendable…to a degree. see as you know science is something to be exhaustively studied and researched .thats even any and every i can understand how those efforts can simply be bound by the parameters of what one would call logic, in witch that witch Andreas in terms of science speak of , wouldnt be. witch i think is fitting to say things now in science that seem almost basic ,some decades ago wasnt logical.not that they had not already been, but we just merely caught to them with our ever increasing knowledge then tossed them in our category logic.with that being said , all i ask is a simple inquirer is have you use any of that passion to even slightly consider maybe even putting forth the slightest effort in seeing if its any truth to what he says.cause if it isnt anything that would suggest that hes wrong without proof thats not logical, therefor not proper science

  9. He Michael,
    you removed my mail?

  10. Are you sure you’re looking at the right post? I checked the spam filter (sometimes it catches legit posts), but I didn’t see anything there.

    The only thing I’ve ever deleted on this blog was a 10,000 word spam post by Moritz.

  11. I have has much success with Andrea’s work. The cost to me has been the cost of his book. I have several of his books and have enjoyed reading all of them. As far as what he sells, you can buy it or not. If you do not believe in the holistic way of life them just leave it alone. For those of us that do and live it, we are the ones that benifit greatly. You need help sir.

  12. I have read two of andreas’s books and have benifit from them greatly

    his philosophy about dehydration IS SO TRUE.

    what you bring out about AIDS, may i ask you, HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE YOURSELF ?

  13. Because I’m not a flaming idiot.

  14. Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May of 2009 I have been undergoing treatment – and it’s not easy.

    A fortnight ago a (so-called) friend gave me the “cancer is not a disease” book and told me that having cancer was all in my mind and I was just playing for sympathy and that this book proved it.

    At a time when I need support the most this book has managed to convince several of my friends that my illness is a sham. One even suggested that I should undertake Mr Moritz’s detox as it would do me more good !!!

    I use holistic therapy to support my medical treatment and shall continue to do so. Mr Moritz’s book is dangerous to those of us who are ill and have gullible friends

    I salute you for your campaign against this charatan, keep up the good work

  15. If you dont like holistic therapy…then FUCK off and find something you DO like.

    Conventional medicine (properly prescribed) KILLS tens of thousands of people per year.

    How many people have died doing a liver flush?
    Its not about making money either because the book is cheap and most info can be found for free on the net. Ingredients are basically epsom salts and olive oil.

    If you are so concerned for our wellbeing maybe you should pursue Glaxo Smith Kline or others.

    Either way – you are useless. Angry, bitter, crusty and dead inside. And probably work for some gov’t agency anyway.

  16. And if you don’t believe that extreme ‘voodoo mumbo-jumbo’ holistic therapies such as ‘eating properly’ or crazy ideas involving reducing the amount of toxins in the body have anything to offer – so what? Leave us crazies to it.

    Drugs companies kill people and rip people off. Cancer research UK raised £420 million last year…..after wages and expenses £0 was spent on research. Now thats a scam. the top exec gets paid £250,000 p/a others paid £180,000 etc.

    If you dont believe me that many of these therapies HEAL, and you insist on flogging the old ‘snake- oil’ cliche, then at least you should acknowledge the fact that alternative medicine generally doesnt KILL people like the drugs companies do.

    If you don’t believe me then just Google it…then google it again. In fact keep googling it until you have totally ridded yourself of ignorance on the subject.

    Maybe try a liver flush too?…..see how you feel. Heaven forbid you to feel good. that would mean you fell prey to the terrible ‘placebo phenomena’. What would your friends say?! (that would never do)

    I have worked with hundreds of people and helped them heal from “incurable diseases” using natural therapies. even in the unlikely case these were all placebo reactions……so fucking what?

    I cure myself of haemophilia using wheatgrass juice – maybe i should start a website or write a book on the subject? that would give you something new to masturbate over.

  17. Just so we’re clear: It isn’t about money because Moritz is selling something that is otherwise free. Also, I should leave dangerous people like Moritz alone because his craziness doesn’t concern me – even though you’re trying to argue in his favor and convince others of the validity of the crazy, dangerous things that that dishonest, scummy man says. Is that about right?

  18. You are just asserting your views without anything to back your views up.

    The body has the capacity to heal itslf if we provide the right context/environment – ie reduce toxicity and provide building blocks for repair (vits,mins fats etc)

    Conventional approach just chops the ‘bad bits’ out of the body ie a tumor. And instead of addressing a toxic environment which makes the person a conducive environment for cancer (cancer is a fungus) or viruses in the first place – doctors prescribe drugs which kill indiscriminatley (good cells and bad cells) as in chemo. Or good and bad bacteria in the case of antibiotics.

    You are just threatened by the idea of people being self-empowered and ridding themselves of ignorance on the subject of the true nature of human biology. It takes the attention away from attention seeking fools like yourself and means the existance of highly paid doctors and reaserch ‘scientists’ (who are “trying to find the cure”) can no longer be justified. Not all people wish to surrender their power to a doctor who is only going to butcher or do a botched repair on their body. And i bet you couldnt last a few days without your glass of wine (or whine) or coffee etc

    We are told to eat shit….then if your health goes wrong “its not your fault….its genetic or its a virus” so here take this toxic pill and you will be ok. that approach takes the real responsibility away from people which is making their inner environent so healthy that you are not a conducive environment for disease.

  19. But to answer your question – yes you should leave Andreas Moritz and others like him (myself included) alone. Because it is none of your damn business.

    It is a natural human response to feel disturbed and a sense of injustice when you feel someone is scamming vulnerable people in a calculated way.

    But…..based on the tone of what you write I do not feel your intentions are pure, I may be wrong about that but i get the feeling you a are one of the many ‘agents’ who go onto the internet and put people off valid alternative treatments (perhaps you work for a pharmaceutical company? Are you affiliated with because those guys are rotten to the core and i know for a fact have alterior motives as they had to reveal their background during a court hearing. Whenever a genuine alternative to drugs is presented – people like yourself are never far behind.

    Wherever genuine purveyors of snake oil are really doing trade – you are never to be seen. Now that seems too much of a coincidence and reaise real suspicion about YOUR true motives with this aggressive attack on Moritz.

    An example of snake oil: the multinational, pharmaceutical subsidiary manufacturer of Vitamin/Mineral Pills called SOLGAR. They are trusted by millions who buy the useless pills. the pills dont dissolve in vinegar let alone inside the human body. The pills end up in the toilet.

    So theres a real lead for you to follow. Why not take a look at Solgar’s prices and you will see the scale of the scam. Instead you choose Moritz??? Hmmmmmmm.

    Lets say youre intentions are pure….if thats true then i do acknowledge that you are just trying to keep people safe and well informed. If that is the case then i seriously do not think you are the man to be representing this cause. You are Clearly incapable of separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ otherwise you would not be pursuing Moritz. After many years in alternative medicine i could give you a really long list of the real criminals/ snake oil merchants.

    But If youre intentions are genuine – then you are making yourself look very stupid by attacking people with such solid track records for helping people.

  20. @Shinken “….a con artist hawking….”

    Interesting phrase. The emphasis would be placed on the “hawkin” part of hawking.

    Michael Hawkins has a complete right to freedom of speech. i will defend his right without exception with the constraints of the Constitution. I will exercise my right as well.

    A lot of emphasis placed on the FAQs for his commercial site (.com). A legitimate business in the market segment of holistic healing. A market existing for thousands of years.

    You make no mention of his link for Health Related FAQ. And probably most important, you never make any arguments against his beliefs with anything substantial. Thus, you make it difficult for a pragmatic person to draw any other conclusion about this post, than a rant seeded in personal dislike for someone or something.

    I hope perhaps you might update this post and provide us with some FACTs.

  21. Regardless of whether or not this is a scam, I don’t think I can like an author who attacks people’s reviews on amazon.

  22. Michael Hawkins you are BULLSHIT man. I am 100% ok after doing Andreas Mortiz liver flush. Thanks to Andreas.

  23. That’s fantastic. I’m also 100% ok after I take pepto bismal or tylonol. The thing is not only am I ok, but it has actually done something.

  24. Yes.. u r right… LIVER FLUSH is also doing more then something.

  25. I’m not sure I follow what your trying to say. Try again?


  27. It means you’re almost as incoherent as your boy Moritz.

  28. No no, my fault. I should have been more clear.

    I’ll rephrase.

    “Try again.”

    Better Mukesh? I do hope that clears it up.

  29. ???

  30. Michael Hawkins how you can say that i am incoherent as Moritz

  31. i think that whenever reading anything, we should always keep a critical mind. even if we believe that andreas mortiz is a quack, we should keep our minds open to the truth in what he says, and not just attack the places where he is false. sure, if there are false claims, they shouldnt be so, but we shouldnt say that there is nothing to be learned from this man. everyone has points on which they will disagree, and some disagreements are stronger than others, but when a guy writes a couple fairly sizable books on health, its kind of hard to believe he could write so much without divulging any useful information.
    even though i disagree with andreas’ selling of “energy infused rocks” or whatever, i think that alternative medicine can be a useful way of healing, but should also not disregard chemical medicines and surgery as a result. sure, if people eat right and implement teachings of alternative medicine, not necessarily mortiz’s, because i dont know exactly what it is that he teaches, they will have a lesser need for the chemical treatments. its not that chemical treatments dont work, because we know that they can, but that they arent the most proactive way of dealing with health issues. people develop dependance on the chemical medicines, much easier than on foods. we know that nutrition is a legitimate field of healthcare, and we know that diet can help health. when mortiz says that cancer is the fault of the patient for not being in good mental health, although i disagree with this claim, i cannot deny that there is at least a bit of truth in this. things like stress can supress the immune system a great deal, and while it might not necessarily be the person’s fault for not being happy, their stress definitely isnt helping the situation, and is in fact making it worse

  32. You are absolutely right Mr. yok. I am not endorsing Andreas Mortiz work. I am just focusing on liver flush therapy describe by him. This therapy is not developed by Andreas. This is very old therapy to clean out the liver and gallbladder and I have regained my health through this therapy. I my simply saying, kindly don’t ignore alternative treatment which are very useful and simple way to regain health. There are thousands of examples with proofs are available with PANTAJALI YOGPEETH HARIDAR, INDIA where all type of Cancer patients got benefited even 100% cured by simply doing PRAYAYAM and taking Ayurvedic medicine. I am not against the chemical medicine. But useful alternative medicine are not ignored always on name of chemical medicine.

  33. Really, I read and I just can’t believe what I read, and now I feel afraid and worried.
    I think that when you are ill you look everywhere for an alternative, for a remedy, and I can understand that. I think that it’s unbeareble when the modern medicine tells you that you don’t have many chances.
    But please, stay away of those people trying to convince you that the Earth is flat, and that the Sun goes round our planet…..which is exactly what this Moritz’s theories do.

    Science is not perfect, but it’s what we have right now, and we should have more faith in that and no faith at all in people selling us those harmful remedys

    Thanks Mr. Hawkins for trying to bring a bit of sanity and common sense.

  34. Dear Susana
    I am a perfect example, when your modern medicine people asked me that there is no alternative for you. Come to us with 500 dollars otherwise you will die. Now I am 100% ok and your bullshit modern medicine people are saying this is miracle. People like you and Hawkins shall believe only alternative therapies when modern medicine tells you that you don’t have any chance. I pray to god that you and Hawkins will get this chance for sake of alternative therapies. Otherwise you people will harm alternative therapies without any reason.

  35. There are some breathtakingly stupid people posting comments here in support of a blatant quack. What I find most disturbing though is that many seem to wish some uncurable ailment upon us ‘non-believers’ so that we may become saved by their health messaih. Bloody crackpots, you deserve each other. Keep up the good work Michael.

  36. Thanks, Ross. It’s always nice to have a rational person stop by.

  37. Oh my god, i cannot believe these people. I think i might become a naturopath myself and sell rocks for $40 dollars each after seeing how many die hard suckers there are. Who needs medicine based on evidence after all when i can cure my leukemia with a rock, oh wait thats just a big pharma scam! The funniest thing about this is Moritz knows himself that shit doesn’t work.

  38. This blogger is either #1. Full of Liver and Gallbladder stones which explains his acute anger. According to Moritz’s book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, if one’s liver is congested with stones you will have a “bilious” nature hence the problem with your constipated bile ducts. #2. A government paid troll doing his part to maintain the evil illuminati/cabal’s BigPharma hidden agenda. Or #3. Both

    PS. I have personally passed a few hundred stones. And I am becoming a sweeter kinder gentler soul from month to month. Try it, you might actually be truly “AMAZED” like I and so many are. :)

  39. So, you dismiss “none of the above” as automatically irrelevant, SLF?

    Passing even one barely-visible liver stone would be unbelievably agonizing, and a bigger one would be impossible to get through the hair-thin hepatic ducts. Given this, why is it automatically down to malice when a medically-educated person claims to doubt that what is being passed is liver stones?

    Why can these supposed stones not be saponified olive oil created in the guts from the relevant ingredients of the treatment (this can be verified with the ingredients (Epsom salts, olive oil, lemon juice and hydrochloric/muriatic acid)?

    Will you not even consider this as a reasonable possibility? That’s pretty closed-minded of you, SLF.

    The fact that you leap to the assumption that disagreeing with you is either down to mental derangement caused by chronic disease or the acts of a caricature evil minion of a juvenile and facile conspiracy theory (with no other possibilities such as Michael being honestly mistaken, or you being honestly mistaken, being even considered) is also far from open minded and also not particularly “sweet and gentle-minded”.

  40. Damn, I need help!!! I have had 3 gall bladder attacks and my doctor has recommended I undergo surgery to remove it.
    Obviously, I am afraid of surgery, general anesthesia with intubation and post-surgical pain.
    Where I stand: 100 percent science/ no bullshit whatsoever… ever.
    A friend in Switzerland suggested I look into Moritz’s liver/ gall bladder flush…
    Had never heard of him before. I don’t do snake oil…
    Now, does the fact that he’s said just insane things about AIDS and cancer make the liver/gall bladder flush completely horse shit?
    Or can one separate things out?
    Please help, anyone who is calm and cogent… please, no spiritual guidance or zealots for crystals, rolfing or big pharm. Thanks ten to the six.

  41. Moritz saying crazy stuff about one thing doesn’t necessarily means he’s wrong about other things. That said, he happened to be wrong about everything he said. He was a charlatan and he preyed upon sick and desperate people, leaving a legacy of nothing more than shame.

    Seek out medical advice from a qualified doctor. If you don’t like what he says, seek a second opinion from another qualified doctor. Just please don’t fall into the trap of alternative medicine.

  42. Fall into the trap of alternative medicine…… mean fall into the pharmaceutical trap, they don’t want you to know that Andreas was right, Cancer is not a disease, and have the nerve to say they don’t know what causes it. They would hate to have it get out that you can change your health but getting back to a healthy natural diet, by cleaning out all the congestion in your body. I have done the amazing Liver and Gall Bladder flush and have had the stones tested. They are from my Liver & Gallbladder so the test results came back. The attack I had been having for years now is gone and I am AMAZED! Won’t quit till there are no more stones, and will be curing my own ailments. Organic foods are cheaper than Pills, and actually cure you, pills only mask symptoms.

  43. Don’t have the Gall Bladder removed, you need all the parts you were born with. You know how many Gall Bladders removed every year. The Surgeons all want to make money, and they don’t want you to know it is as simple as doing Flushes. Once you start though you cant quit till all are removed, as they start moving once you remove the ones in the front of the ducts, and will again fill up the Gall Bladder. Andreas is not insane about Cancer, they are trying to suppress that they know what causes it cause there is no money in it for them. Listen to your friend in Switzerland, follow your gut, and Good Luck.

  44. Quack quack quack.

  45. Wow Amazing how people are so quick to buy into any idiotic idea if it means that you shouldn’t seek out medical advice…….Shameful really.
    Thanks for being the light Michael!

  46. I really like andreas Moritz, he was zo kind. You are not Michael, you didn’t even read one of his books. Maybe someday you will see

  47. I told him I would read one of his books if he sent one. He refused.

  48. Guess what, so is western medicine!!!

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