Ignorance is not a crime

The only wonderful thing about creationism is that it is based upon ignorance. That is something which can be remedied with a good bout of education to the brain.

So in this vain, I am happy to confess to my ignorance about the Shroud of Turin. I’ve always known what it was purported to be; it is not there that my ignorance lies. It is in the fact that so many people actually believe it is an imprint of the face of Jesus. Such religious lunacy doesn’t surprise me, but I was hardly aware of the value people placed in a raggedy Medieval piece of cloth.

Now it looks like the 13th century creation has been recreated in the 21st century.

Garlaschelli reproduced the full-sized shroud using materials and techniques that were available in the middle ages.

They placed a linen sheet flat over a volunteer and then rubbed it with a pigment containing traces of acid. A mask was used for the face.

The pigment was then artificially aged by heating the cloth in an oven and washing it, a process which removed it from the surface but left a fuzzy, half-tone image similar to that on the Shroud. He believes the pigment on the original Shroud faded naturally over the centuries.

They then added blood stains, burn holes, scorches and water stains to achieve the final effect.

For the rational, this long-closed case just has another nail in its coffin. But we aren’t all rational, are we?

Garlaschelli expects people to contest his findings. “If they don’t want to believe carbon dating done by some of the world’s best laboratories they certainly won’t believe me,” he said.


5 Responses

  1. The Italian group think that they may have been able to recreate the Shroud of Turin. Maybe they have? But, I’d love for them to try and recreate the coffee stained image of the Virgin Mary I personally have. A few photos of the image can be found here on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7690119@N03/sets/72157617453203072/detail/

  2. I hope this is a Poe lol.You say “think” as if some kids did this and not professional scientists that that have recreated a myth and shown how easy it was given the technology of yesteryear. Oh, so you have a picture of the goddess I mean “Queen of Heaven?” I’m sure it would be quite easy to reproduce….Any why Mary, why not Aphrodite, Artemis, Isis, Athena?

  3. The existence of the “Shroud of Turin” (and the “Holy Grail” and other such things) are mentioned nowhere in the Bible, were ideas that came along much later, and as such are not a part of and play no role in actual Christianity. So, all this shroud’s being exposed as a fake does is show Christians that they should rely only on the Bible for religious and spiritual truth and not what the Bible calls myths, superstitions and old wives’ tales in 1 Timothy 4:7 and other places. So rather than disproving the Bible, this incident only proves the Christian sola scriptura doctrine, in addition to confirming why the first of the Ten Commandments was an is necessary.

    So, I suppose you will have to go back to playing around with such things as the desires of Charles Darwin’s to preserve and advance his favored race (which was little more than than placing a scientific veneer on the views of the racialist Arthur de Gobineau and those like him) I guess.

  4. Job,

    No one said this disproves the Bible. Don’t create strawmen. And just as this doesn’t disprove that oh-so-local holy book, it doesn’t prove it either.

    Charles Darwin did carry the racism of his day, but the subtitle of his book was not distinguishing between what we consider human races.

    In short, you are wrong about everything you’ve said.

  5. Wow. Just Wow. Quoting scripture? From which Bible? Translated from what by whom? The 10 Commandments? Isn’t a violation of any of them punishable by death? Real moral… Charles Darwin used logic and empirical evidence to decipher the truth of our common heritage…real racist moron *sigh* where do you people come from?

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