Here’s something stupid

I recently updated my About page when I noticed WordPress has made it so comments are automatically not allowed. They even deleted the comments that were there. And there is no simple option for fixing this idiocy. The only way to correct it is to change the page title url from “/about” to “/aboutftsos” or anything with more than “/about”. I even tried changing it back to just “/about” to see if it was a glitch. Nope. Someone just thought this was a good idea.

Dumb WordPress.

3 Responses

  1. Mark Zuckerburg. Anytime something is wrong with an internet application of some kind, I blame him.

    That vile bastard.

    Also, (insert generic comment about your mother).

    Snow smothers my creativity.

  2. Reminds me of every time I play a windowed computer game with automatic mouse capture and no option to change it. (Why do they think I’m using windowed mode?) Someone thought it was a good idea.

    Or the long-discarded mandatory ‘is’ that was required in all old Facebook statuses and which took so long to change.

  3. Oh God… I had forgotten about the “is”, and here you are dragging up all these terrible memories…

    Don’t you know it’s hard for people to relive those dark days?

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