This shit is why I hate Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz, frequent reader and big fan of this blog, says some of the most vile things.

Many cancer patients have devoted their entire lives to helping and supporting others. Their selfless service can be very a noble quality, depending on the motivation behind it. If they sacrifice and neglect their own well being to avoid facing any shame, guilt or unworthiness within them, they are actually cutting off the very limb they are hanging on. They are ‘selflessly’ devoted to please others so that, in return, they may be loved and appreciated for their contributions. This, however, serves as an unconscious acknowledgment of not loving oneself. This may lock up unresolved issues, fears, and feelings of unworthiness in the cellular memory of organs and tissues in the body.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is one of the most basic requirements for curing cancer.

I despise Moritz’s blame-the-victim routine. “Don’t love yourself? Yeah, that’s probably why you have cancer. Oh, what? You feel worse? Well, buy my quacking bullshit. If it doesn’t work, that’s your fault, too.”

As DNA research has recently proved, you can literally alter your DNA’s genetic setting and behavior within a matter of a moment. Your DNA listens to every word you utter to yourself and it feels every emotion you experience. Moreover, it responds to all of them. You program yourself every second of the day, consciously and unconsciously.

Wow. That’s pretty hefty stuff. I’m sure Moritz can cite in what scientific paper he read this, right? I mean, what a survival mechanism this could be. And DNA listens?! Wowzie!

But I’m just kidding. Moritz has not the background to comprehend scientific papers. I’m sure he got his information from one of those real-medicine-is-evil networking sites that absolutely distorts every piece of information it presents.

If you choose to, you can rewrite the program in any way you want to, provided you are truly self-aware.

I’m not so sure Moritz actually knows what DNA is, how it works, or why he’s an idiot.

It is known that widows and people who are socially isolated, or have nobody to share their deepest feelings with, are the most prone to developing cancer.

Really? Old people are more prone to developing cancer? Oh, oh, oh. It isn’t that they’re old; it’s that they are sad. And, of course, they are sad because they aren’t buying this quack’s bullshit.

But I know, I know. I’m sort of assuming he’s doing this to make a buck. I mean, where has he said anything about giving him money? In fact, I made this entire post while reading what Moritz wrote (as opposed to reading the whole thing and then responding section by section). I obviously must have been going into his article with assumptions…

This is an extract from the book Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation, to order your own copy please click here.

Please share this knowledge with your friends by clicking on share and also connect with Andreas on his personal facebook page by clicking here .

The thing is, during the whole process of making this post, I was reading a paragraph, responding to particular bits, and then hoping the next section would be him asking for money just so I could point out his quackery a little more vividly. But now I’m ashamed. I mean, why was I was hoping? Aside from the displeasure of knowing people’s lives are at risk because of Moritz’s advertising, I should have been certain. This man is a pile of manure, a practitioner of malarkey. I should always know he’s going to attempt to swindle people.

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  1. Moritz does produce vile and disgusting lies and bullshit.

  2. I have a skin condition – basically what gives most people hayfever compromises my skin. I can’t tell you how many times outsiders blamed me. Thankfully my family understood and protected me from them as kids.

  3. >> “I’m sure he got his information from one of those real-medicine-is-evil networking sites”

    You’re actually assuming he didn’t just make it up on the spot?
    Why Michael, I never knew you were such an optimist.

  4. […] Andreas Moritz (un tipo que entre otras perlas dice que el cáncer no es una enfermedad) que enlaza a ésto, donde este gran bullshitter suelta perlas como: As DNA research has recently proved, you can […]

  5. […] No harás caso a charlatanes como Andreas Moritz, cuya última perla que he leido ha sido As DNA research has recently proved, you can literally alter your DNA’s genetic setting […]

  6. There is an underlying negativity in all of your commentary towards Andreas. I am confident that you have not attempted any of Andreas Moritz’s procedures, yet your slander implies that you are somehow scientifically competent. I argue the opposite, and I will go as far as saying that your bashing serves to highlight an emotional response rather than a rational one. How unscientific of you Michael.

    Being sceptical is fine, but such tenuous scepticism as the kind you display cannot be taken seriously. You offer nothing concrete.

    You blow your cacophonous horn and call Andreas a quack, all the while ignoring the countless individuals that have been greatly helped by his methodologies. Me being one of these individuals, and having performed the liver flush 8 times, and having witnessed the exceptional benefits it has had on my physiology and psychology, what you say is laughable and misleading.

  7. If Mr. Moritz suggested any remedy that had 10% of the negative effects of chemotherapy he would be behind bars.

    It is the good solid science that you refer to that has been the major contributor to pretty much every decease we have. Science has created all of the air, water and food pollution. Now, we should give guys like you credibility? you sound like a spurned lover for God’s sake.

  8. Do false hope and unchanged odds of death count as negative effects?

  9. why you are so badly negative against A.Moritz? Die you ever meet him, spoke to him or try out the procedures he’s talking or writing in his books? I do not understand you feeling against him.

  10. Yes yes, eating natural thing is bad and harmful, breathing chemical created by the science lab is good. Dowse yourself with fluoride and chlorine in the municiple water supply is superb. Please take as much as drug from the pharma as possible and pollute your body as much as your pleasure allows it. Trust your chemical doctors that they never in the million years make ANY mistake to cut you up, and distrust yourself the power of self healing, NEVER! God it’s so good to eat as much as drug as possible. Please don’t drink natural fruit juice and alkaline PH balanced water, they can not help your health, only science bubble will. Yeah, Mr. Moritz is wrong….. Long live the terminal diseases! Eat McDonalds all you want, yay!!!!!

  11. I like my science bubble in grape.

  12. I have read a great deal of information lately on how your thoughts do affect your DNA. Before you criticize someone who is discussing concepts that are not “acknowledged” or accepted by conventional medicine, you should become better informed yourself.

    Dr. Moritz may not have all the answers, but they are certainly better answers than poisoning people with toxic chemotherapy and radiation. There are many alternative answers and only a fool would turn away from them.

  13. …how your thoughts do affect your DNA…

    Yet another Loony Toon person who believes in smoke. There is no such thing as thoughts affecting DNA.

    … certainly better answers than poisoning people with toxic chemotherapy and radiation…

    No there is NOT. Not from bullshit liars like Moritz. Chemo and radiation DOES help many people, keeping them alive longer. Quack therapies just kill people quicker or do nothings, so they die from neglecting the condition instead of trying REAL medicine.

  14. I do not understand why do people spend so much time on writing about others how bad they are, even create a website for it. I would suggest you, Michael Hawkins, to focus on the science if you love it so much and let other people (Andreas Moritz) do what they love to do. Each person has the right to choose and do what they believe to do. Just interesting that you have chosen to ridicule and put down another person. In my opinion it is very childish. It looks like he is endangering your point of view and you do not know how not to take it personally, most importantly when you did not even meet him. Wow

  15. Nano, you seem to be unable to understand that Michel is exposing a quack.

    You claim people have a right to do whatever they want. That is a stupid stance. People do not have any right to harm people with their quackery.

  16. Hey Bob! Looks like you are being harmed with quackery. So I would advice you not to follow Mr. Moritz ideas at all to avoid the harm that was imposed on you.
    Or if you speak about the harm to other people, then I would say : mind your own business and maybe you would be more happy.
    Who are you to say that what I wrote is a “stupid stance”?- only a stupid person can say that….

  17. Sorry, nano, you sound like a duck. All I hear is quack, quack, quack from your nonsense words.

  18. Fuck off Mr. Bob. Really childish! Grow up and un-quack yourself first. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  19. I keep hearing quack, quack, nano. You are cracked.

    Learn reality, nano nanu. Sane people will always go after these quacks, running right over your type of foolishness.

  20. Keep running my boy! Please, do not trip over, you can hurt your face ;-) mostly when you chase your own tail…
    Boo-boo-boo….very scary are those people around you…run run run and chase them!!!!! faster-faster-faster…
    Actually, I wanted to let you know that I totally agree with you about Andreas Moritz – he is really big quack and I am one too…I really do not know what I would do if you would not open my eyes to my own foolishness. Hope I made you feel great and you can finally sleep tonight. There is no need to run for another one like us at least for a day ;-) Reality learned! Thank you.

  21. Nano, I don’t even read your fecal spew anymore. You haven’t provided a single fact. People like you never learn. You are duped and fail to open yor eyes. Keep on quack, quack,quack, quacking. LOLOL

  22. Really? It doesn’t look like you are not reading my words-mostly when you are still answering. ….Run, run…faster…faster…ouch-you just bit your own tail. I wonder who is for real QUACKING here. ;-)

  23. …and by the way…I am really happy that your eyes are wide open and that you are the only one who can ever learn. I am deeply bowing in front of you and your facts that you have provided so far to me. QUACK-QUACK ;-)

  24. Nano still has quackery diarrhea. It must be coming from all the holes in his head.

  25. Moron nano, is Moritz your boyfriend? Why else would you be supporting him without any facts.? Come back when you grow up and produce a fact.

  26. Quack-Quack. Unfortunately, again, you are not right. Still no real facts from you, only “hard core” words. I think you can do better, give me some more swear words, those you gave me until now are pretty weak. You can do better, don’t you? ;-) Get your anger out…you can do it!
    By the way, what a quackery you have produced by so far, good proof that you are no better than any other quacker. Aha! That is why you are irritated by quackers…because you are one of them and even not a good one.
    Just for your info, I am not supporting Moritz’s or anybody’s opinion (and you would know that if you would read what I wrote clearly and not only fight and fight and fight and fight. You are fighting nonsenses and ghosts my friend – but keep going I am starting to liking it.
    With Love, my close friend, I guess (when we spent all day chatting like this).
    I wonder if I should even let you know that I am a girl, because you might explode from anger ;-)
    Quack-quack. Hope to hear from you soon. If not, then farewell my chatting friend.

  27. I suspected that even a puts like Moritz would reject someone like you, nano – a total asswipe loser with rocks in your head. Come on gutter slime- produce one fact. We are laughing at you.

  28. Oh great. Mission accomplished. Now you are even willing to group with Moritz to reject me. Then, Moritz is not that bad after all, is he Bob? You finally found at least one thing you would share with him. That makes you friends! Isn’t that sweet. You might rest for a while now. Well, not really. Now you are chasing meeeeee……
    By the way, you did not produce enough swearing words my dear chatting friend. Keep trying, I am curious what is in you. I am starting to like you more and more.

  29. Still waiting to see if nano has even one brain cell? So far no proof. Stil waiting.

  30. Nice try Bob. I must let you know that I am done here. My mission was accomplished. You found your way to Andreas Moritz and even your swear words disappeared. In this case, it was pleasure to meet you. And please promise me that you will keep using your unique brain cells. Have a lovely day, my chatting friend & Farewell! x x x

  31. Still waiting, nano fool.

  32. what you bullying has nothing to do with science. learn educate yourself and take your own opinions THEN discuss with such people like Moritz. never heard about DNA changes according to outside contitions, environmental influences? that is because you THINK you speak for science. In the meanwhile, you suffer deseases that medicine is unable to cure. google dr. Bruce Lipto- real scientist, real MD- and listen what REAL scientist has to say about DNA. This is something your health care doesn’t want you to know- to keep their year income based on amount of sick people trated in hospitals NOT for amount of sick people succesfully cured.

  33. Oh! Yet another conspiracy kook who can not even assemble correct English sentences. This person probably cut and pasted fragments from some quackery blog.

    Remember, big Pharma is out to get you! Be afraid! They might cure more diseases and conditions and we don’t want that!!!!1!!!!

  34. I can’t stand this guy. He has no credentials whatsoever, and makes all of the unsubstantiated claims where he takes research and changes it to be beneficial for him so he sells. I have my masters in microbiology and an undergrad degree in microbiology, and I can tell you that after reading some of his claims and how easily people are convinced by him, it brings me to tears from frustration. This guy undoes all of the scientists’ hard work. He doesn’t simply ask innocent questions, he makes people believe his word as being true. So frustrating.

  35. Bob, why do you even bother…

    There’s no winning with such people. It’s one thing to debate God or the lack thereof, but when it comes to things that can be tested outright by science there is a group of people that will listen to no sense. None what so ever.

    I’m afraid if you waste thinking on these people you’ll run out of steam when it comes time to argue with me! I gave up responding when one of these nut bars drags up an old post. I find talking to them so much like beating your head against the wall I avoid it in case I find my self actually beating my head against the wall while thinking I’m arguing with a woo “medicine” supporter.



  37. Because Moritz’s way kills people. There is no science behind his bullshit.

  38. I do believe that some of these people hear voices… telling them to do stuff…

  39. I am afraid that the church of science has had it’s run and it is now time for wisdom to regain the upper hand (while there is still time). The left brain should no longer go around masquerading as a whole brain. The right brain has been subjugated long enough and is getting pretty tired of the arrogance of the left brain with its degrees and credentials and other egotistical chest-puffing immaturity. It is time for a little bit of humility here and it is time for the left brain (from where language comes) to sit down and shut its mouth, open its eyes and ears and actually learn something from the school of wisdom and not the school of supposed knowledge. As my friend is always saying: “I’d rather suffer the pain of wisdom than the stupidity of knowledge.” I am sorry that your universities basically outlawed any true, creative, actual thinking far too many years ago. Appearanly a basic philosophical definition of wisdom is to make the best use of knowledge. The opposite of wisom is folly. An act of follishness is sometimes referred to as folly. I’d say that this is pretty much where science unleashed – and manly directed by only one of the sexes (the most exceedingly immature one I might add) – has taken us… Even the Tarot has a fool, but one thing is for sure; the fool has his place but it is not seated on the thrown of the high preistess and even the magician is not fit for that seat either. Humility my friends, humility…

  40. You’re an idiot.

  41. Hi all,
    I came by chance to this web site, but I feel I have something to say on the “sake” of the real science, not the fundamentalist one.
    I have been dealing with Genetics for 40 years and luckily life brought me to a full Professor position of this wonderful branch of Biology.
    I must confess that through the new scientific field of Epigenetics, it is being demonstrated that we can modulate our gene functioning, not only through our diet and behaviour, but also by thoughts, feelings etc. So science is demonstrating in the 21st century, what empiric knowledge has been claimed for in different cultures thousands of years ago.

    Our scientific world must keep open minds and hearts to knowledge coming from empiric sources. This is the way of advancing in understanding life.

    Have a peaceful day


  42. No one denies that the environment can have effects on organisms. It is scientifically validated for years that diet, exercise, emotions can have effects as can mental attitude. Who here says otherwise?

    What is little understood yet is whether there are long lasting effects due to epigenetics.

    I am currently trudging through “Evolution: A View from the 21st Century” By James A. Shapiro. Is that not open mind enough? Forget about open heart – science should not be done that way.

  43. The optimist in me says that the commenters supporting this quack are shills and sockpuppets.
    The realist in me says there really are people so lacking in basic critical skills that they not only believe the nonsense but believe that critical thinking is the quackery.

  44. I believe that you are angry. I hear it in the sarcasm of your words. I am not a fan of yours, nor am I a fan of Moritz, I have never heard of him until just a few minutes ago. Anger is a natural emotion; however, to continue to harbor it, then anger can turn into many other forms … jealousy, violence, just to name a few. I sense you have a great deal of anger within you and it is being expressed via your jealousy. You have many wonderful talents and abilities. Please do not waste your energy on tearing down another human being.

  45. I’m angry that you wasted my time just now. You owe me 15 seconds of my life.

  46. Though some claims by Andreas might be too far stretched about the cancer and there are many other trained doctors who treat cancer in natural way I should admit that I did liver cleansing with his method and had great results. I collected about 100 gr liver stones with 3 cleansing and stored them in the glass jar in the freezer. I was lazy to do other cleansing till my liver is fully free of these stones but I am thinking to do another cycle of cleansing soon.

    I found about his cleansing method from row food site where many other people successfully cleaned their livers with his method.

    I wonder how many here actually tried to do things he says before saying that this or that does not work??

    You probably would not like my comment and would not publish it but I can provide you photos of my jar stones :)

    As about the cause of cancer I heard that one enlighten Being said that it is Karma for the misuse of sexual energy, and I have no reason to disbelief it. :)

  47. You could have just asked your local grocery clerk where the laxatives were. Would have saved you a bunch of money.

  48. This site is soaking in hatred and insults. If that is what conventional scienctists are linked to, no thanks, I don’t need them. Nobody does, as a matter of fact, but perhaps some people need to develop cancer before they understand.
    And it’s not science as such which is the problem, but the scientists

  49. You have a silly mustache.

  50. Monsieur Hawkins is a fundamentalist, dangerous especially to himself.

    Kisses on your forehead . . ., you need it.

    From France with love.


  51. I would get into a battle with you, but whereas you’re from France, I presume you would immediately surrender.

  52. Mr.Hawkins,

    You are a brave soldier, but obtuse in your analysis.
    Perhaps you need to reconcile with the world diversity
    and the alternatives to dogmatism.

    From a distant point of Europe.

  53. Sounds like the same argument that was levied against the dentist who said HPylori caused ulcers, and antibiotics could cure these ulcers. The exact hate was said against him. ie; he is a quack, he is a dentist and not qualified, he is going to kill people. Then it was found he was right. And there went the#1 prescription Zantac, down the tube. Until, guess what? It all the sudden became OK to buy over the counter. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be they were losing millions?

    Einstein said light can bend in space. It took 10 years of ridicule before they confirmed his theory.

    Remember, science and especially medicine evolves through anecdotal formulas. That is how it all begins.

  54. Exactly right TF. History has proven many things in our tenure on this planet. Medicinally we’re fuck ups. We’re only as good as the present information allows us to be. And we only benefit from that information if we choose to use it responsibly. For instance a pharamaceutical company comes out with a drug that will cure (prolong) your illness. It;s FDA, AMA, CIA, FBI, Goverment, and Military approved. Shit, 50,000,000 people can’t be wrong. … Oops. We were. Death tolls into the thousands from this one drug. AND WE HAVE A THOUSAND MORE DRUGS TO REPLACE IT!! Anybody who can give me some information that is outside drugs and western medicine to help me stay healthy I’m all for. Whether it is or isn’t b.s. If the information is there then it is my responsibility as a consumer to weed through it and find out what is the best option for me. Michael, your crack me up. Great sense of humor. And I am not being facetious. I laughed at almost every post you wrote. Some people just take life too seriously. And yes, I too did the flush. But I upped the oil intake from 4oz to 16. Yeah – 16. I had to have flushed between 500-700 stones. And I’m a fitness finatic. Couldn’t believe it. The very next weekend I did the flush again but as instructed and received minimal effects – about 90 stones. The following weekend I flushed AGAIN (Yeah I know) but went back to my method of 16oz and holy shit! At least another thousand (not exagerrating), yes thousand stones. One was tan and about half the size of my thumb! Gives new meaning to a thumb up my ass. Have fun with this one Mikey boy.

  55. You are in fact, the furthest thing from the cats meow. I have a cat, and her highness confirmed that for me.

  56. Cat’s Meow, those supposed liver stones are saponified olive oil and are CREATED by the so-called liver flush itself. If you really had that kind of level of liver stone infestation pre-existing, you wouldn’t be a fitness fanatic. You’d be jaundiced, emaciated and in unbelievable agony, BEGGING for surgery, even without anaesthetic if necessaary.

    You are not removing something that was already in your body, you’re creating something inside you and assuming it was already there because Andreas says so.

    Check out

    Feel free to use your insight and logic to debunk it with sense and reason if you can, but if you ignore it or just chalk it up to another paid-off conspiracy guy, then you’re just putting your fingers in your ears and shouting, “I’M NOT LISTENING!”

  57. And @TF, just because one true thing is declared false, it has does not remotely mean that anything said to be false must be true.

    The following things were believed to be true and are now known to be false:

    Flat earth, N-rays, Piltdown Man, miasma, planet Vulcan (nothing to do with Star Trek), luminiferous ether… and it was scientists who did the work of disproving the,

    The stuff that proves a conjecture either true or false is that pesky stuff called “evidence”. And Andreas studiously avoids it.

  58. I felt the need to state here that as much as I respect difference in points of view, there is something I regret and is the need to offend and call people names. The problems of this world cannot be solved with people like you, who have the time to create a blog to dishonor a being that has a different point of view than yours. I mean, what kind of anger are you showing in this bolg when you refer at another human being in the degrading way that you do? WHo gives you the right to blame ind injur someone’s reputation the way you do? Are you an atheist? Well, I do not care at all what you are because you are showing total disrespect and abuse toward another human being, another YOU. Try to live a more constructive life and let IT BE!!!!!!

  59. Is there any information about the cause of death and other circumstances surrounding the sad death of this dangerous quack?

    Someone who seems to have been close to him posted this on his fb page:
    CANCER… For those I see fearing cancer in Andreas, I want to stress that he seemed to stand behind German New Medicine, which AFAIK states that spiritual / emotional causes overrule all others. In other words: no credibility would be lost and his advice is as legit as ever. But if one has a deep longing or contract to “return home,” understandably that advice is of much less use.
    Let’s also not forget how much stress he may have been under from Big Pharma. Maybe he was sued every other day or the thought of them alone… Easy for anyone to succomb.
    ……..[end quote]

    In other words, just because he couldn’t cure his own cancer doesn’t mean he was risking the lives of others when he sold them the idea he could cure theirs.

    Ironic that this person thought he might have been sued.

  60. Andreas could be a little dogmatic and harsh at times. Some of his views could be brizzare, strange and radical. However some of that which he wrote was correct and at least sometimes provided food for thought. If at times he was incorrect then there is opportunity for learning. Whenever a person takes an alternative path they will always be slandered and have the finger pointed at them.

  61. What did Andreas say that was correct? He said cancer was a bodily defence mechanism: WRONG. He said cancer was caused primarily by stress: WRONG. He said cancer could be cured by removing toxins from the liver: WRONG. He said lumps of saponified olive oil crapped out of people were liver and gall stones: WRONG. He said drinking this mixture could flush “toxins” out of the liver: WRONG.

    He persuaded people to forgo medical treatment that might save their lives in favour of feeling queasy and fishing through their own crap for supposed stones that were not stones at all, but saponfied oil: MORALLY AND FACTUALLY WRONG.

    “I felt better after trying Andreas’ liver flush” is not a valid clinical trial. I felt MUCH better after getting over mild food poisoning a couple of weeks ago – similar to the effects of the so-called “liver flush”. However, I don’t think it’s the food poisoning that made me feel better.

    I am angry at Andreas for his falsehoods and his drive to deny sick people the treatment they need: exactly what gets the Moritz-believers all het up and abusive about doctors and the supposed Big Pharma. That’s seen as justified outrage.

    So believers accuse pharma companies of deliberately making drugs to make people ill to keep them in money and presumably because they like to hurt people. And they accuse doctors of colluding with them in this criminal activity.

    That is vicious slander of a dedicated group of people who do their best to heal the sick.

    However, call Andreas Moritz a quack in the mildest possible terms and it’s suddenly “rabid, slavering, militant pseudo-skeptics slandering and maligning a good and honest seeker of the truth.”

    In other words, just because he couldn’t cure his own cancer doesn’t mean he was risking the lives of others when he sold them the idea he could cure theirs.

    No, it just happens to be the only publicly available presumed after-treatment record of the famous liver flush – if he even did it to himself. If he did do it, it didn’t work. If he didn’t do it, he was a cynical hypocrite who didn’t believe in his own quackery.

  62. @Alastair J. Archibald

    Well said!

  63. What is medicine really?

    Medicine (term used all encompassing) is nothing more than the science of prolonging life. What does it matter what mode you chose? Key word here being choice.

    Andreas made recommendations based on his education and beliefs and experiences, just as you make yours based on all the exact same principles. His education was extensive to say the least, so I am quite sure he knew what he spoke of. He, in no way, ever forced anyone, nor tried to deny anyone, any medical attention they needed. He simply supplied an alternative option. Sure, his work to discredit modern medicine are well known, but so is the opposing sides defamation of his profession.

    When you post rant like above, emotion driven ramblings, it does more harm than good to anyone. You become one of the masses, instead of the few. Fear is a powerful tool. When you have no fear, this type of misdirection does not affect you.

    EVERYTHING in his books has been known for thousands of years. He did not invent any of it. It’s nothing more than a compiling of factual information peppered with personal experience and belief. Would you be this critical of a priest doing an exorcism? My guess is most likely, but would you pursue it with such emotion based ranting? I think not.

    Andreas Moritz was a great man. He provided help to the helpless. He restored hope to the hopeless. Ho showed love and compassion to the disenchanted. No matter the hows or whys of his death, all he did was empower people to heal themselves. Maybe the liver flush IS nothing more than oil…does it matter?

    We seem to forget the most POWERFUL tool in our own healing arsenal…the placebo effect. The few things I listed above could very well indeed instill this very well documented healing response in the human body. This is accepted on ALL sides of the fence as an actual phenomenon. Instilling hope, love and compassion can, and does, illicit a healing response by the body.

    Again, what is medicine but an extension of life.

  64. Thank you I am really sick of how quackivists particularly new agers are so victim blaming. I have chronic fatigue and I hope in the future they can develop a drug specifically to treat it. I have heard of lots of people with this condition falling for every quack ‘treatment’ under the sun and I will never let myself be exploited that way no matter how exhausted I am.

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