Another good example of rule internalization

Rule internalization is a significant problem. It places rules above reason and our fellow humans. It’s an ugly little thing that often doesn’t take into account things that are actually happening. One small example I can recall from back in my high school days involved the cafeteria doors. One set was for going in, one was for going out (each on opposing ends of the room). The reason was to avoid massive jams when the bell rang and a bunch of people were going in and out. Okay, fair enough. But the people ‘guarding’ the doors enforced the rule beyond its point; even during lunch when few to no people were going through the doors it wasn’t allowed to exit the in-door or enter the out-door. At that point the rule lost all meaning and just became another non-educational tactic of arbitrary control and enforcement. (I know, in high school? Crazy.)

In the same rigid spirit as that, some silly neighbor in New Jersey made a silly complaint.

Police in the US state of New Jersey have ordered a family to cover up their snow sculpture of the famous nude Venus de Milo after a neighbour complained.

Eliza Gonzalez sculpted the snow-woman with her son and daughter on her front lawn in Rahway following a snowstorm.

Many people praised their creation, but a police officer told them a neighbour had found it too risque, she said.

When given the option of covering the sculpture up or knocking it down, she dressed it in a bikini top and sarong.

“We didn’t want to have any problem with the police so we covered it up,” Ms Gonzalez told the AFP news agency.

The internalization here should be obvious. The neighbor is equating nudity with pornography; he/she has been conditioned or has become stupid enough to internalize the idea that the bare human body is always an object of sex. Who wants to bet this person is religious? The immature view of sexuality certainly suggests as much.

But [Ms. Gonzalez] now thinks the snowy Venus looks “more objectified and sexualised” than it did before the authorities intervened.

Aside from the obvious problem of a person dumbly believing nudity always equals sex, there’s this issue of actually equating the body with sex when that was never the intention. The bikini top throws a flare of sexual energy at this front yard snow sculpture, entirely ruining what it’s really all about, its artistic qualities, and the general impressiveness of what this mom created with her children. Rule internalization only makes things worse.

Thought of the day

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Sean Hannity logic

It’s frickin’ nice outside right now where I am. According to Sean Hannity logic, global warming is true. For today.