Where are you, Sean Hannity?!

According to Sean Hannity Logic, doesn’t this mean global warming is real? Why hasn’t he been talking about this weather just as much as he talks about unusually cold weather?


Thought of the day

I heard Sean Hannity talking about trickle-down economics today.


Limbaugh and Hannity involved in fraud?

The above question mark is ironic: like FOX Noise, I’m really outright claiming what I wrote. However, unlike FOX Noise, what I’m claiming has evidence:

But according to an online account, Premiere [the radio company that employs Limbaugh and Hannity] is hiring actors to fake on-air calls to radio shows who do not divulge the scam. Before being abruptly removed, their website read:

“Premiere On Call is our new custom caller service… We supply voice talent to take/make your on-air calls, improvise your scenes or deliver your scripts. Using our simple online booking tool, specify the kind of voice you need, and we’ll get your the right person fast. Unless you request it, you won’t hear that same voice again for at least two months, ensuring the authenticity of your programming for avid listeners”.

As reported, once the actor “passed the audition, he would be invited periodically to call in to various talk shows and recite various scenarios that made for interesting radio.” In addition, the source was specifically told there would be no on-air disclosure of the fabricated nature of the call. He subsequently landed the job, at $40 per hour and a minimum one hour of work per day.

This suggests an array of radio clients is broadcasting bogus calls by actors, categorized by their accents or vocal qualities. Next time you hear a “gruff”, “clean”, “crisp”, “deep”, or “textured” voice, you might just be hearing a Premiere On Call actor secretively playing a real person.

This report stems from an accidental posting that appeared on Premiere’s website. I can’t say I’m surprised at the revelation. Both hosts have a history of being very selective about what information they present; the fact that they would hire actors to demonstrate specific points makes sense. They just aren’t honest guys and this is perfectly within their characters.

Sean Hannity is willing to lie

I had the misfortune of hearing Sean Hannity on the radio the other day. Before I was able to change back to my Elliott Smith, I heard him declare that Nancy Pelosi has a favorable rating of 8%. Eight percent, you say?! Why, that’s sounds atrocious. We knew she was unpopular, but who knew the numbers were so low?!

Except they aren’t.

Hannity was implying – without any shame whatsoever – that Pelosi’s overall favorable rating was 8%. Among everyone. That was precisely his intention and he didn’t bother to correct his lie. Why is it a lie, you say? Because the evidence says so.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating is down seven percentage points since May to 29%, a new low for her since assuming the top congressional post.

That’s the very first sentence in the Gallup write-up of the poll. It’s hard to imagine Hannity missed it.

What the chief liar at FOX Noise did was cite the Republican favorable rating for Pelosi. That is not what he said he was doing on his shitty, nasal-y radio program. He intentionally portrayed his statistic as her overall favorable rating. This man is extremely willing to lie.

What makes this all the dumber is that 29% is already pretty terrible. There’s no need to lie, Hannity.

Sean the con

Sean Hannity is part of a charity which is meant to assist troops and their families in one way or another. According to one source, it’s a scam.

In fact, less than 20%–and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively–of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses, including consultants and apparently to ferry the Hannity posse of family and friends in high style. And, despite Hannity’s statements to the contrary on his nationally syndicated radio show, few of the children of fallen soldiers got more than $1,000-$2,000, with apparently none getting more than $6,000, while Freedom Alliance appears to have spent tens of thousands of dollars for private planes. Moreover, despite written assurances to donors that all money raised would go directly to scholarships for kids of the fallen heroes and not to expenses, has begun charging expenses of nearly $500,000 to give out just over $800,000 in scholarships.

Sean Hannity logic

It’s frickin’ nice outside right now where I am. According to Sean Hannity logic, global warming is true. For today.

Limbaugh, Republicans, and Lies

I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about death panels today. He’s a rhetorical, moronic machine. Not ten minutes later, just after a commercial break, a caller explained what the bill actually says. He noted that it primarily and merely offers to pay for doctor visits for those who wish to discuss end-of-life care. This primarily concerns those who have been given terminal diagnoses. As it stands, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover this visits. People, should they CHOOSE, to speak with their doctors over their end-of-life care, they should not have to pay out of pocket.

After the called explained this, Limbaugh claimed that he never uses the term “death panel”, except in quoting that gem of genuine stupidity that is Sarah Palin. He is a liar. A huge, fucking liar. He uses the term regularly, including just moments early on that very airing. This sort of behavior is highly typical of Republicans and conservatives. Lie, lie, lie. No need to help those who aren’t already wealthy.

I think a lot of this, to be frank, dumbness, comes from Reagan. He encouraged economic policies of “trickling-down” money from the rich to the poor. It predictably failed. It caused the economic downturn in the early 90’s. Clinton corrected a lot of this. Then Dubya went ahead and messed things up again. Now it is left to a Democrat to YET AGAIN clean up this inanity.

It’s possible to identify, again and again, why Republican policies are complete and utter failures. But to say why they are so stupid about everything is beyond me.