Sean Hannity is willing to lie

I had the misfortune of hearing Sean Hannity on the radio the other day. Before I was able to change back to my Elliott Smith, I heard him declare that Nancy Pelosi has a favorable rating of 8%. Eight percent, you say?! Why, that’s sounds atrocious. We knew she was unpopular, but who knew the numbers were so low?!

Except they aren’t.

Hannity was implying – without any shame whatsoever – that Pelosi’s overall favorable rating was 8%. Among everyone. That was precisely his intention and he didn’t bother to correct his lie. Why is it a lie, you say? Because the evidence says so.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating is down seven percentage points since May to 29%, a new low for her since assuming the top congressional post.

That’s the very first sentence in the Gallup write-up of the poll. It’s hard to imagine Hannity missed it.

What the chief liar at FOX Noise did was cite the Republican favorable rating for Pelosi. That is not what he said he was doing on his shitty, nasal-y radio program. He intentionally portrayed his statistic as her overall favorable rating. This man is extremely willing to lie.

What makes this all the dumber is that 29% is already pretty terrible. There’s no need to lie, Hannity.

2 Responses

  1. Never listen to Faux Noise. They do nothing but lie. It is scum bucket central.

  2. Either that or it was a mistake. I’m not saying it was but everyone makes mistakes. Its generally inadvisable to lie about poll numbers anyway since they are so easy to check.

    More likely than he being happy to lie is one of the producers anyways. The man does about 6 hours of dialog a day. If he didn’t have any screw ups I’d be more concerned.

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