Quote of the day

Michael Hawkins how you can say that i am incoherent as Moritz

~Mukesh Chawla

The case of Genesio Oliveira

Genesio Oliveira and Tim Coco are married in the United States. But that doesn’t mean they’re being treated equally.

The couple were temporarily separated when Mr Oliveira’s bid for asylum over claims he was raped in Brazil as a teenager was rejected on the grounds he was not physically affected.

But in June Senator John Kerry intervened and urged officials to temporarily allow Mr Oliveira back into the country and to return to the home he shares with Mr Coco in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

His return was granted on humanitarian grounds, but now Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to change his mind on the original decision.

It means the Brazilian could be forced out with six months, a decision which has drawn criticism from gay rights groups.

What’s the justification here? How is this good? A legitimately married couple want to live in the U.S.; one spouse is a U.S. citizen. This seems pretty straight forward.

But, then, a majority of Americans are disinterested in civil rights for everyone.

Thought of the day

I’m a bit suspicious that 5 posts which never show up in my stats anymore are suddenly being searched…and they all relate to a certain ‘doctor’…

I would really rather not have cause forced upon me to continue with that wretched topic.

New header options

Here are some of my thoughts on a suitable new header image. These pictures aren’t finalists or anything; I’m still open to suggestion.

Kilimanjaro in the morning

Kilimanjaro glacier

Kilimanjaro sunrise


Part of the decision will rest upon what image best lends itself to the dimensions of the header.

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are out

Baseball announcers Joe Morgan and Jon Miller aren’t getting their contracts renewed.

“We’ve decided to make a change and introduce new voices and new perspective,” said Norby Williamson, an executive vice president of ESPN. He added: “Twenty one years is an eternity in this business. And today is about acknowledging the contributions they made to the franchise.”

Good. I never liked either one. But then I get spoiled with Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo.

Now if FOX could get rid of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, all would be right in the sports announcing world.