Election night

It’s exciting that Eliot Cutler, the smartest candidate for governor, is currently in the lead with 38% of the vote. Such excitement must be tempered given that this is based upon a mere 26% of precincts, but I really hope it holds up. Paul LePage would be devastating for the economy and education.

Update 1: Coons beat O’Donnell in Delaware. At least everyone hasn’t been taken over by this urge to elect genuinely stupid people.

Update 2: With 50% reporting, Cutler leads LePage 38% to 36%.

Update 3: Bad news. LePage, still trailing, is gaining. 38% to 37%.

Update 4: Dead heat with 63% reporting.

Update 5: Cutler and LePage keep swapping first place by a couple hundred votes every page refresh.

Update 6: Of course there are no results yet for Logan and Maloney in District 57.

Update 7: At least I can say IN YOUR FACE, HOWIE CARR now that Deval Patrick has won in Mass. I don’t have a horse in that race; I just don’t like how Carr has been such a shill.

Update 8: Cutler is falling behind now. Looks like Maine is going to get a know nothing governor. Too bad, poor people and the middle class.

Update 9: Seriously? Michele Bachmann won? She has got to be the craziest candidate next to O’Donnell.

Update 10: Yep, I think this can be called earlier than the news organizations want to call it. LePage will be governor. I’d happily be wrong.