We all know Jack Hudson. He’s an intellectual coward who hates gays because he’s personally insecure with his own (immature) sexuality. He once texted my cousin several dozen times from several different track phones because of a Facebook tiff. His writing leaves a lot to be desired. He willingly lies about evolution and Hitler (you know, Hitler – the guy who was a Christian creationist). One has to wonder why he doesn’t argue that the theory of gravity leads to V2 rockets. (I’m kidding. It’s obvious that such an argument doesn’t fuel his fundamentally dishonest agenda.) He is confused about his own ideas on what morality is. He will constantly quote from either FTSOS, status updates on the FTSOS Facebook page, or even from random people on that Facebook page. He doesn’t get really simple things. He even believes that Judith Jarvis Thompson’s analysis of the Trolley Problem is an issue of logistics, showing his utter ignorance of philosophy and thought experiments. (This is one of the most risible things he has ever said.) A high percentage of his posts are just responses to FTSOS posts – except, since he is literally the most dishonest person with which I have ever personally interacted, he refuses to cite me as his reference. When (for the nth time) he was called on his aversion to honesty, he continued with his lies and claimed he doesn’t get his cues from me. However, once I listed out at least five posts going back only a month and a half which showed his responses to original posts I was making, he was finally caught by the evidence, causing him to feebly fess up. He is laughably ignorant of biology, refusing to read papers he is dishonestly citing in his posts; this is understandable since he only has a few basic biology courses under his belt from over 20 years ago, not any substantial education in the field. And, best of all, he makes physical threats based upon jokes. I find this one the most entertaining because it reminds me of something a psychology graduate student friend of mine told me. He told me of a counseling session he had with some troubled youths. They asked him, ‘Hey, man, wouldn’t you be offended if someone said somethin’ about yo’ momma?”, referring to “Your Momma” jokes. My friend, being intelligent, of course said he wouldn’t be offended. The jokes are insignificant and without any real meaning. The troubled youths were amazed by this. Apparently vague, unimportant, mild, trivial jokes are really good at offending poorly educated people. And that was the case with Jack when I made a quip about his excessive weight.

You know Michael, I almost never feel compelled to deal with anyone physically, but you are very lucky your puny little bank teller body is in Maine, because i would kick your butt from one side of the room to the other if you said that to my face. Of course you wouldn’t because you are a coward.

For someone who pretends to be morally superior because of his false beliefs, Jack is awfully violent.

I’ve waited to bring up this quote last in all my links because I have linked to it in the past on Jack’s blog. He quickly deleted it. It’s obvious he’s embarrassed by what he said. He ought to be. But the correct, adult response is to just apologize in that case. I did. It isn’t that hard. Being wrong once in awhile or making a mistake here or there is part of being human. But maybe Jack is just trying to emulate the temper tantrums of Jesus, I don’t know.

The reason I’m making this post is simply because of Jack’s penchant for censorship. He’s as linguistically immature as he is sexually immature. He has a habit of deleting any naughty word that shows up where he has editing control. I disagree with him on that because he’s bastardizing not only language but also the intent of other writers. He’s in the wrong. But now he has taken everything up a notch. Not content with deleting individual words he finds offensive, he has taken to deleting absolutely any post I make on his blog. Part of the reason stems from his childishness. Part of the reason stems from the fact that he has never won a single debate in his entire life and it upsets him to get intellectually destroyed so often. Part of the reason stems from the fact that I’m sure he wanted to enjoy me typing out my responses only to find I had wasted my time; he could have just blocked my IP. (Perhaps I should have realized I was wasting my time when I first encountered the guy’s terrible – and fundamentally dishonest – arguments. Or, as he would say, arguements.)

What really makes me sad about all this, though, is that Jack is from Minnesota. I’m not going to hate an entire state because of one foolish liar, but man. It’s the home of PZ Myers and – far, far more importantly – the birthplace of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s a shame he has to be such a black mark on an otherwise fine location.

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Thought of the day

  • Introduction to Philosophy ought to become a required course at the high school level.
  • Everyone ought to make an effort to learn the basics of the biology of cancer.