Re: Dembski-Hitchens debate

I’m currently watching the Dembski-Hitchens debate now that it’s back up. I’m embarrassed. And in two ways. First, you know that feeling you get when you watch someone doing something incredibly awkward and you actually feel embarrassed for that person? That’s how I feel about Dembski right now. He keeps repeating the same creationist canards. They have all been addressed. He needs to find something new (and maybe something factually true? I’m not sure if that touches on any of his personal interests, though). And second, I’m embarrassed that I had some initial surprise when he started going over all this garbage. I should have known better.

Update: Holy crap. I can’t believe he just implied that for something to be vestigial that it must be useless.

Update: Most of Dembski’s end is just a series of personal attacks on Hitchens.

Follow-up: HIV, controllers, and progressors

I’ve just got a quick link to add to my post earlier this month on HIV. There is also a post on the NOVA website from Kate Becker, a science writer I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit. She covers science as well as anyone.

We were scammed!

And they didn’t own it, the Native Americans. They didn’t even really own Manhattan, but they sold it to us anyway. We were scammed.

~Rush Limbaugh, paraphrase from November 24, 2010