Re: Dembski-Hitchens debate

I’m currently watching the Dembski-Hitchens debate now that it’s back up. I’m embarrassed. And in two ways. First, you know that feeling you get when you watch someone doing something incredibly awkward and you actually feel embarrassed for that person? That’s how I feel about Dembski right now. He keeps repeating the same creationist canards. They have all been addressed. He needs to find something new (and maybe something factually true? I’m not sure if that touches on any of his personal interests, though). And second, I’m embarrassed that I had some initial surprise when he started going over all this garbage. I should have known better.

Update: Holy crap. I can’t believe he just implied that for something to be vestigial that it must be useless.

Update: Most of Dembski’s end is just a series of personal attacks on Hitchens.

5 Responses

  1. I think I got a little bit dumber every time Dembski opened his stupid mouth. Is this the best they can do? Because he sucks.

  2. It shows that Hitchens is on a completely different level intellectually. Hitchens glanced down to read something, what, once in his opening statement? Dembski practically read the whole thing. Boo

  3. I haven’t watched the video, but I’m not sure that public speaking ability correlates with one’s intellectual ability.

    Public speaking is an ability that seldom reflects on a persons other abilities or intelligence.

    Of course its possible the guy is dumb as well.

  4. Possible? The guy doesn’t even have a room temperature IQ if you measure in Celsius.

  5. Well like I said, I didn’t watch the video. Watching theists and atheists endlessly throw the same arguments back and forth doesn’t really interest me. Just to arrive at the same conclusion each time.

    Atheists don’t believe in God because they don’t have any physical proof and theists either try to claim they have proof or say they don’t care if there is any or not.

    We don’t know and we will likely never know, good enough for me. “gotcha philosophy” gets boring after about 10 seconds.

    I just wanted to make my point that just because this guy may not be the best speaker doesn’t mean he is dumb. He might still be dumb for other reasons, I wouldn’t know.

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