Open discussion

I’ve forgotten the things I wanted to post about from my morning read of the newspaper (which is now long-gone), so I’m at a loss of what to throw up here right now. That means open discussion time. But no need to fear! It won’t all be up to you if you’re at a loss, too. Here are three random videos. Discuss them or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Thought of the day

A revisit: The Problem of Evil that theists face is absolutely not answered by free will. First, saying God isn’t responsible for evil as a result of free will is like saying the Roman’s weren’t responsible for lions killing Christians. “It was the lion’s choice!” Second, God is all-powerful and all-knowing. Since he is not required to create jack-squat in order to exist, he can circumvent all evil and suffering by just placing all people, souls, or whatever term we want to use in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or whatever other place we want to say exists; he already knows where every person/soul/whathaveyou is going to end up. The Problem of Evil remains.

How well do you know Hitler?