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A revisit: The Problem of Evil that theists face is absolutely not answered by free will. First, saying God isn’t responsible for evil as a result of free will is like saying the Roman’s weren’t responsible for lions killing Christians. “It was the lion’s choice!” Second, God is all-powerful and all-knowing. Since he is not required to create jack-squat in order to exist, he can circumvent all evil and suffering by just placing all people, souls, or whatever term we want to use in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or whatever other place we want to say exists; he already knows where every person/soul/whathaveyou is going to end up. The Problem of Evil remains.

8 Responses

  1. The whole issue is nothing but a red herring. It is a fantasy and wishful thinking by theists because they have no real argument to counter the randomness and the purposelessness of the universe. There is no evidence of any deity. The universe behaves exactly as it would if there were no god, positing such a supernatural force, however you define it, is both unnecessary and arbitrary.

    Most of what people think of as evil is not evil at all because there is no intent. Hurricanes, floods, fires, parasites, diseases, etc. happen due to nature reacting to changes in the environment.

    There is no free will: all humans are affected by their environment, by their genes, others, stomachs, hormones, proteins, thoughts, memories, histories, the weather, etc.

  2. To me this is all non sequitur. A person of faith will claim to know the truth of things, i.e. the nature of existence. An atheist will do the same. Both are arrogant in their espousals of their chosen doctrines. Faith is for judgement, not observation, and science for observation, not judgement. It seems to me that both the believer and the pragmatist elevate themselves above their humanness, claiming knowledge they do not and cannot know. A physicist and a shaman live in the same world, but obviously the world is not the same for both of them.

  3. Are you color blind, Tom O? Is everything black or white to you? So, you set yourself up as the arbiter over everyone else? Arrogance? I see the pot calling the kettle black…lol

  4. Well, like I always say, there’s nothing an agnostic can’t do if he really doesn’t know whether he believes in anything or not…

  5. claiming knowledge they do not and cannot know.

    Uh… what knowledge does an atheist claim? The “knowledge” that he doesn’t believe in gods? That’s gibberish, but atheists have nothing else in common.

    Also, would you like a link to a dictionary, so you can look up the words “atheist” and “doctrine”? It’s quite clear you understand neither of those words.

  6. Spare me the pseudo-intellectual polemics so pervasive on this site–you argue semantics to establish the superiority of your point of view here, then can’t resist throwing a couple of barbs.
    You know, if your opinion mattered to me at all, I might feel hurt…

  7. My opinions?

    Get over yourself. It is apparent from your posts here that you have a misunderstanding of the word “atheist”, and somehow believe it’s a claim of knowledge of no gods. This is wrong. My opinion has little to do with it.

    Also, you may not want to use the whole “pseudo-intellectual polemics to establish superiority” angle of attack here, after your previous condescending post. Personally, though, I don’t have a problem with arrogance, you’d just better make damn sure you’re right first – and you weren’t.

    But of course you managed to not answer or defend anything. I guess that was the primary purpose of this.

  8. You say tomato…
    Be well

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