The right sort of answer

Far, far, far too many people hate when they don’t get a direct and simple answer. Sometimes that’s what we actually want. Other times, it’s an effective tool. In fact, it’s the number one tool in politics: make it simple and repeat it over and over and it’s true. The more direct and more simple, the closer to the truth for more people. And, of course, I hate that. Want a real answer? I mean, a real, real answer? Check out this Feynman video.

Thought of the day

This bears repeating because I run into so often:

When someone says “X, Y, and Z are all wrong”, the proper response is not to say, “But people have a right to believe, practice, like, etc them.” That’s a given. We almost all agree (in the West, at least) that everyone has a right to believe whatever. That isn’t the point being made. YES, YES, YES, everyone can believe and like and prefer and whatever X, Y, and Z. That does not mean X, Y, and Z are therefore good. The point is not a valid counter-argument.