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I happen to have a job I got, in part, on the basis of my educational background. However, it astounds me the number of employers out there that just do not give two shits about 4-year degrees.

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  1. It astounds me the number of people who have four year degrees and seem to give an excessive, number of shits about them.

    Having a four year degree myself, though I’m sure yours is quite magnificent, I don’t see the value*, especially when you see a generic requirement or preference for those with a BA or BS in, “whatever”. There are jobs where it is certainly a plus, but I will never subscribe to the notion that it is especially meaningful except in those jobs that require a certain amount of academic background in a particular field.

    *You know what I mean. There are fields where it is needed, but than there are whole piles of fields where it has no measurable value whatsoever.

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