Republicans don’t want small government

Now that we’ve seen the recent hyped crazy of the GOP in action for the past 2 or 3 years, especially in state legislatures, I think it’s clear: Republicans are not interested in small government except insofar as it furthers the growth of their own wallets as motivated by nothing more than greed. Supporting this claim is that fact that most Republican-led legislatures have done very little in terms of economic improvements and acts, instead focusing on immigration (Arizona), abortion (multiple states), and, most recently, pushing religion:

North Carolina Republican lawmakers may have abandoned their plan to declare Christianity as the state’s religion…

As I’m sure many people saw, NC Republicans recently wanted to ignore the federal constitution so that they could create laws respecting the establishment of a religion – the Christian religion, in particular. Which sect of the religion they wanted was never made clear, but none of it matters now that the proposal has died (not that it would have had a chance in court). Of course, that hasn’t stopped them from attempting to intrude into the lives of citizens:

…but conservative legislators in the state are still pushing forward with a plan to require a two-year waiting period on all divorces, a plan that require the couple to attend classes and workshops designed to prevent them from divorcing.

According to the Charlotte Observer, state Senators Austin Allran (R) and Sen. Warren Daniel (R) proposed the “Healthy Marriage Act” last week, which mandates a two-year wait before judges will grant married couples a divorce, two years during which they must complete counseling courses and workshops designed to improve “communication skills” and “conflict resolution.”

It’s undeniable at this point that the Republican party is not one of principle. The ideas they chuck out there are in clear contradiction, but these people don’t really care. They merely want to line their own pockets and the pockets of their wealthy supporters while imposing draconian social policies that invade the privacy of Americans.