Republicans don’t want small government

Now that we’ve seen the recent hyped crazy of the GOP in action for the past 2 or 3 years, especially in state legislatures, I think it’s clear: Republicans are not interested in small government except insofar as it furthers the growth of their own wallets as motivated by nothing more than greed. Supporting this claim is that fact that most Republican-led legislatures have done very little in terms of economic improvements and acts, instead focusing on immigration (Arizona), abortion (multiple states), and, most recently, pushing religion:

North Carolina Republican lawmakers may have abandoned their plan to declare Christianity as the state’s religion…

As I’m sure many people saw, NC Republicans recently wanted to ignore the federal constitution so that they could create laws respecting the establishment of a religion – the Christian religion, in particular. Which sect of the religion they wanted was never made clear, but none of it matters now that the proposal has died (not that it would have had a chance in court). Of course, that hasn’t stopped them from attempting to intrude into the lives of citizens:

…but conservative legislators in the state are still pushing forward with a plan to require a two-year waiting period on all divorces, a plan that require the couple to attend classes and workshops designed to prevent them from divorcing.

According to the Charlotte Observer, state Senators Austin Allran (R) and Sen. Warren Daniel (R) proposed the “Healthy Marriage Act” last week, which mandates a two-year wait before judges will grant married couples a divorce, two years during which they must complete counseling courses and workshops designed to improve “communication skills” and “conflict resolution.”

It’s undeniable at this point that the Republican party is not one of principle. The ideas they chuck out there are in clear contradiction, but these people don’t really care. They merely want to line their own pockets and the pockets of their wealthy supporters while imposing draconian social policies that invade the privacy of Americans.

Bigots cause tears

Judge Greg Weeks is an activist

Judge Greg Weeks recently made this ruling in North Carolina:

A condemned killer’s trial was so tainted by the racially influenced decisions of prosecutors that he should be removed from death row and serve a life sentence, a judge ruled Friday in a precedent-setting North Carolina decision.

Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks’ decision in the case of Marcus Robinson comes in the first test of a 2009 state law that allows death row prisoners and capital murder defendants to challenge their sentences or prosecutors’ decisions with statistics and other evidence beyond documents or witness testimony…

Race played a “persistent, pervasive and distorting role” in jury selection and couldn’t be explained other than that “prosecutors have intentionally discriminated” against Robinson and other capital defendants statewide, Weeks said. Prosecutors eliminated black jurors more than twice as often as white jurors, according to a study by two Michigan State University law professors Weeks said he found highly reliable.

Doesn’t this judge listen to Rush or watch FOX Noise? If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past decade it’s that racism does not exist. Well. Okay, that’s not entirely true. It certainly exists. It’s just that there isn’t a single example of it. Anywhere. Ever. By claiming otherwise, Judge Weeks is clearly an activist. And probably a socialist. Maybe gay. Someone needs to call for an investigation.

‘It’s my right to make you support my religion!’

At least that’s what many of the residents of King, N.C. may as well be saying. They’re all in a huff over a Christian flag the city council decided to remove from a war memorial after an Afghanistan war veteran made a complaint.

“This monument stands as hallowed ground,” said Martini, a tall, trim man with a tattoo on his right arm commemorating the day in 1988 when he became a born-again Christian. “It kills me when I think people want to essentially desecrate it.”

It now appears that many of the Christians in this small town have replaced the flag with a replica and are now guarding it. (It’s unclear from the article if the new flag is in the same place as the old one.) It’s a great display of ignorance, really. Someone doesn’t want the government supporting religion? Well, that person must just be desecrating everything! Actually, that wouldn’t be so bad – we really should never hold any ideas sacred, sealed off in a box where it’s unthinkable that anyone should ever question them. But that isn’t what’s happening here.

Of course in all this, the ACLU, as usual, has taken the correct position. They’ve praised the town for taking down the flag while allowing these people to hold their silly vigils. It’s no surprise that the ACLU is holding to actual principle. But that isn’t so clear to the residents.

The protesters, though, aren’t satisfied with the vigil. They’re planning an Oct. 23 rally in support of their ultimate goal, which is for the city to restore the Christian flag to the permanent metal pole on the memorial.

At a recent public hearing, roughly 500 people packed the King Elementary School gymnasium, many waving Christian flags. Of more than 40 speakers, no one spoke in favor of removing it.

“We’ve let our religious freedoms and constitutional rights be stripped away one by one, and I think it’s time we took a stand,” King resident James Joyce said.

James Joyce is just being a mook. The separation of church and state is well established; no one’s rights have been taken away by the removal of an illegal display of government-supported religion.

Of course, if the flag was a Muslim or atheist symbol of any sort, there would be an immediate uproar, quick adherence to the constitution, and no one in that town would be holding any vigil of support. It isn’t about principle for the Christian majority in King, North Carolina anymore than it is in the rest of America.

We’re Christian…we should be allowed to be disruptive!

Pissant little parents in North Carolina, great abusers of the minds of children, have decided having their kids harass the science teacher is an okay thing to do.

A middle-school teacher in Wake County may be fired after she and her friends made caustic remarks on a Facebook page about her students, the South and Christianity.

Melissa Hussain, an eighth-grade science teacher at West Lake Middle School in Apex, was suspended with pay Friday while investigators review her case, according to Greg Thomas, a Wake schools spokesman. The suspension came after some of Hussain’s students and their parents objected to comments on her Facebook page, many of them revolving around her interaction with her Christian students.

Basically the kids were putting pictures of Jesus on her desk, reading their Bibles during class, and randomly breaking out into Jesus-song. They were asking irrelevant questions about God while learning about simple biology (because their parents evidently don’t want them to be prepared for Bio 101 in college). And, of course, the parents believe it is all okay because disruption is acceptable when it’s done under the guise of religion.

“She doesn’t have to be a professing Christian to be in the classroom,” [parent Annette Balint said. “But she can’t go the other way and not allow God to be mentioned.”

This tune would change pretty quickly if these were Muslim children trying to disrupt class.

This is clearly all just a blatant attempt to taunt the teacher. She has a right to post whatever she pleases on her Facebook page. In fact, what she posted was entirely reasonable.

Hussain wrote on the social-networking site that it was a “hate crime” that students anonymously left a Bible on her desk, and she told how she “was able to shame” her students over the incident. Her Facebook page included comments from friends about “ignorant Southern rednecks,” and one commenter suggested Hussain retaliate by bringing a Dale Earnhardt Jr. poster to class with a swastika drawn on the NASCAR driver’s forehead.

Take note. Hussain said it was a hate crime and that she was able to shame her students. I think she’s going a little over the top with the term “hate crime” – it’s blatant harassment and completely inappropriate and irresponsible of the parents, but not a crime – but it’s good that she was able to shame the students. They were acting out and misbehaving. How many times has a student not been made an example for doing that?

Also take note that the most ‘egregious’ comments came from her friends. Ignoring for a moment that the comments are entirely accurate, Hussain can hardly be blamed for the thoughts of her friends. And let’s take a moment and look at one of these thoughts: it was suggested she bring a Dale Earnhardt Jr. poster to class and draw a swastika on it. That puts things in perfect perspective: it would be inappropriate harassment if she actually did that. In fact, it would probably be a fireable action. But her students are doing the same thing. They’re needlessly taunting and harassing their teacher (at the request of their ignorant, science-hating, creationist, redneck parents). Since they’re only students and can’t be fired, they should at least be given detentions and, if the behavior continues, suspensions.