What results from too little regulation:

This is business left to its own devices:

A week after a building containing thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers came crashing down around them, the death toll from the South Asian nation’s deadliest industrial disaster rose above 400.

Workers using heavy machinery are gradually picking apart the huge, splintered slabs of concrete at the scene of the collapse in Savar, a suburb of the national capital, Dhaka. They continue to find and remove bodies, many of them decomposed and difficult to recognize…

There’s confusion about exactly how many people are still unaccounted for in the collapse, Sarwardy said at a news briefing Wednesday. Authorities are still waiting for the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association to provide a list of all the people who were inside the five garment factories in the building when it caved in, he said.

I imagine it will be difficult to procure such a list, what with the need to match the names of human beings up with the cattle-numbers they were likely given. At least Wal-Mart gives name tags to the people it, in reality, considers nothing more than numbers.

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