The right sort of answer

Far, far, far too many people hate when they don’t get a direct and simple answer. Sometimes that’s what we actually want. Other times, it’s an effective tool. In fact, it’s the number one tool in politics: make it simple and repeat it over and over and it’s true. The more direct and more simple, the closer to the truth for more people. And, of course, I hate that. Want a real answer? I mean, a real, real answer? Check out this Feynman video.

3 Responses

  1. I like this video.

    This is really a major problem when researchers go trolling for funding. Its hard to articulate why we should spend millions upon millions of dollars on things that are really impossible for most people to understand.

    As many quacks that are out there, and this is true even in the scientific community, every proposal needs strict scrutiny and our elected representatives are hardly up to this task (and we shouldn’t expect them to be, its impossible)

    I imagine this sort of thing leads to a lot of wasted money that could be better spent elsewhere on other research that offers more promise. But what can we do?

  2. When I say most people I don’t mean that they are necessarily too dumb. If I had gone to school and studied something biology related I might understand more things in or related to those fields perfectly well. But would I truly understand a deep answer to “why” magnets repel? Of course not.

    We might just find the more diffuse and specific/specialized scientific fields get that we actually cease to make any progress due to “funders” not being able to distinguish good science from “mad” science. (if you know what I mean)

  3. and here is an example of the opposite:

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