Perseid meteor shower this weekend

The Perseids have actually been active for several weeks now, but whereas it’s a cloudy weekend where I am, they are naturally at their peak over the next few days:

Experts predict this year’s Perseid meteor shower will be an impressive sky show, with a waning crescent moon expected to interfere only slightly with the night sky display. During the meteor shower’s peak this weekend (late Saturday night and into early Sunday morning), many fireballs may also visible in the night sky, NASA officials said.

“We expect to see meteor rates as high as a hundred per hour,” Cooke said in a statement. “The Perseids always put on a good show.”

One Response

  1. Good luck with your watch! :)
    I saw 7 last night in 4 hours time.
    Not real great, but hey!
    Beats a man-made fireworks show any day.

    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

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