Romney picks Ryan

I’m happy with this:

Against the flag-draped backdrop of the USS Wisconsin, Mitt Romney formally introduced Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman from Wisconsin, as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday. Ryan’s budget-cutting ideas have the potential to transform the presidential race. Support for his proposed mix of spending cuts and tax cuts has become a litmus test on the right–and opposing them has become a rallying cry on the left.

Instead of going with the only guy who could help him with the Latino vote in a crucial swing state – Marco Rubio – Romney picked the guy who wants to slash and cut and change everything that impacts the lives of seniors, women, minorities, and poor people.


5 Responses

  1. This is seen by many commentators as a sign of desperation. This may help hom carry Wisconsin and curry favor with the Tea Party, but it may lose him Florida and will certainly turn away many moderates and independants. I don’t see that this is a net positive for Mitt.

  2. It sure sounds like you actually looked at his budget proposal, Michael. The fact that he provided an option that would ensure the solvency and continuation of programs like medicare and medicaid seems to get lost by the fact that his plan included an increase in what some beneficiaries would have paid in the future.

    On the other hand, the democratic plan is… well it’s… they haven’t provided one. So I guess at this point the democratic plan to to let those programs just collapse.

    Seems totally better then Ryan’s option.

    As far as his Vice-Presidential candidacy, I think the biggest effect, positive or negative, will be seen after his debate with Biden, who is a fool by almost everyone’s standards.

  3. I might add that his plan was not much different from what Obama’s own debt panel proposed. What they proposed and Obama just simply dismissed, I assume in a bid to distance himself from fiscal reality. You know what fiscal reality is, the fact that there simply isn’t enough money to cover current government spending at any income tax rate for the rich, even if you drop the definition of rich down to $100,000.

  4. It doesn’t matter how you want to spin it. Ryan’s plan impacts the lives of all those old teabaggers. And as we know, the teabag party is only in favor of cutting that which affects people under the age of 50. Rubio was the right choice.

  5. Those Teabaggers are stupid AND racist, lol. Vote lily white in 2012! Might have worked in the 50s… And Nate, haven’t you learned not to post twice in a row? I only lurk here and I knew that, idiot. Not that anyone would care if you got yourself banned, one less racist teabagger…

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