We were scammed!

And they didn’t own it, the Native Americans. They didn’t even really own Manhattan, but they sold it to us anyway. We were scammed.

~Rush Limbaugh, paraphrase from November 24, 2010

8 Responses

  1. At least we got a good price!

  2. Never trust anything Rush Limbaugh says. He is a foreigner to truth.

  3. Do you listen to his show?

  4. Me? no, of course not. Why listen to a lying, blowhard, drug abusing bigot? Have you seen the lies he tells? Have you seen the defamation he spews? Have you seen the hate he embraces?

  5. If you don’t than you don’t really know, do you?

    Besides, part of his “method” if you can call it that, is to say things that are controversial. He takes plenty of call from dissenters and I have never heard him cut off a call because someone disagreed with him.

    He spins things, but that doesn’t make them untrue, it make for good radio that sells itself.

  6. I don’t watch NASCAR because I am not looking to see car crashes. Similarly, I have no need for ‘entertaining’ radio. I am sure if I lived in Roman times, I doubt I would have gone to see the lions eating the slaves either. 1. I have a life. 2. I prefer facts to lies; if I want fiction, I can read science fiction or some other form of real entertainment. 3. I also don’t watch any form of ‘reality’ TV.

  7. 1. That’s good. I like talk radio for the same reason I like audio books. I can do other things while enjoying them (as long as the books are unabridged, chopping down good books should be a capital offense). Talk radio is largely opinion, I don’t criticize it for presenting opinions.

    2. I’ve found most of what he says to be factual, but than everyone makes mistakes from time to time. What I see in the news about Rush, most often, are people criticizing his opinions.

    3. Good. Not only does it make you measurably dumber but several studies have shown that reality TV actually makes your brain melt and in some case run out of your ears.

  8. Here is the REAL Limbaugh:

    Rush Limbaugh, racist pig and sterling representative of the modern Republican


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