A third-party vote is not a vote for Clinton or Trump

I’m no libertarian by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s zero chance I’m going to vote for either Clinton or Trump. A vote for either of them is a vote for the NSA, and (aside from global warming) there is no current bigger threat to democracy itself than the utter destruction of privacy. (And to think, people used to be upset about the idea of the government looking at their library history.)

On the other hand, a vote for Gary Johnson is simply a vote for Gary Johnson. I may not like all his stands, but there isn’t a single viable candidate who will protect basic liberty like he will.


Election night

It’s exciting that Eliot Cutler, the smartest candidate for governor, is currently in the lead with 38% of the vote. Such excitement must be tempered given that this is based upon a mere 26% of precincts, but I really hope it holds up. Paul LePage would be devastating for the economy and education.

Update 1: Coons beat O’Donnell in Delaware. At least everyone hasn’t been taken over by this urge to elect genuinely stupid people.

Update 2: With 50% reporting, Cutler leads LePage 38% to 36%.

Update 3: Bad news. LePage, still trailing, is gaining. 38% to 37%.

Update 4: Dead heat with 63% reporting.

Update 5: Cutler and LePage keep swapping first place by a couple hundred votes every page refresh.

Update 6: Of course there are no results yet for Logan and Maloney in District 57.

Update 7: At least I can say IN YOUR FACE, HOWIE CARR now that Deval Patrick has won in Mass. I don’t have a horse in that race; I just don’t like how Carr has been such a shill.

Update 8: Cutler is falling behind now. Looks like Maine is going to get a know nothing governor. Too bad, poor people and the middle class.

Update 9: Seriously? Michele Bachmann won? She has got to be the craziest candidate next to O’Donnell.

Update 10: Yep, I think this can be called earlier than the news organizations want to call it. LePage will be governor. I’d happily be wrong.