Election night

It’s exciting that Eliot Cutler, the smartest candidate for governor, is currently in the lead with 38% of the vote. Such excitement must be tempered given that this is based upon a mere 26% of precincts, but I really hope it holds up. Paul LePage would be devastating for the economy and education.

Update 1: Coons beat O’Donnell in Delaware. At least everyone hasn’t been taken over by this urge to elect genuinely stupid people.

Update 2: With 50% reporting, Cutler leads LePage 38% to 36%.

Update 3: Bad news. LePage, still trailing, is gaining. 38% to 37%.

Update 4: Dead heat with 63% reporting.

Update 5: Cutler and LePage keep swapping first place by a couple hundred votes every page refresh.

Update 6: Of course there are no results yet for Logan and Maloney in District 57.

Update 7: At least I can say IN YOUR FACE, HOWIE CARR now that Deval Patrick has won in Mass. I don’t have a horse in that race; I just don’t like how Carr has been such a shill.

Update 8: Cutler is falling behind now. Looks like Maine is going to get a know nothing governor. Too bad, poor people and the middle class.

Update 9: Seriously? Michele Bachmann won? She has got to be the craziest candidate next to O’Donnell.

Update 10: Yep, I think this can be called earlier than the news organizations want to call it. LePage will be governor. I’d happily be wrong.


28 Responses

  1. The surge to elect “stupid people” was in 2006 and 2008.

    Anytime we boot incumbents is a genuine improvement as far as I see it.

  2. At this point I just hope whoever wins, wins by enough that we don’t have to endure a recount and all the lawyering up that goes with it…..

    Back in the day they used to settle these things by single combat. I would prefer that to a recount!

  3. Oh democrats have never tampered with an election on that scale!

    You don’t think there are any racist democrats? Of course not, their shit doesn’t even stink does it, Bob?

    Unless you think there wasn’t isolated intimidation by individuals on the other side of the isle…

  4. And wheres your reaction on Maloney’s win in district 57?



    I consider that the worst in any Maine race.

  5. As expected, true to form, you Nate never back up your statements with evidence or examples. There are dozens of recent examples of the shit that Republicans and right wingnuts and evangelicals pull. I gave several examples. Put up or shut up. You can deny the racism, hatred and phobias all you want but it is proven true.

  6. I didn’t claim that there wasn’t any, I’m sure there was! I’d be surprised if there wasn’t actually.

    I’m just not going to go sift through the internet to find cases. It always happens on both sides and although it shouldn’t, if there wasn’t a concerted effort by one group or another to do so they are isolated incidents and should simply be prosecuted to fullest extent.

    If you can show me some evidence that the republicans planned voter intimidation or it swayed some races than you are correct is being so upset. There is no room for tolerance of any kind of voter intimidation in my opinion from either side of the political spectrum.

    I’m just not so naive as to imagine its only one group of individuals doing it. I don’t like to paint everyone of a certain political affiliation with the same brush.

  7. Yes, Maloney won by a few hundred votes and that will be unfortunate for Maine if she tries to strengthen woo.

  8. That’s probably the only definitively positive thing about the republicans winning the house, any bills she introduces are unlikely to go anywhere.

  9. Stay blind to the obvious, overwhelming evidence. If the Democrats did it Faux Noise would be all over it with hatred

  10. Right right, you mean an MSNBC level of hatred?

    You like to think that Fox News is as biased as MSNBC and (much of the time) CNN.

    It might be. The “problem” with the media as a whole is bias one way or the other. It’s not a bad thing. Unless you want a state run news service to spin the news the way of the party holding the white house than having channels with different bias’s is good.

  11. Dogma without evidence – that defines Nate. Get a fact then get back to me. LOL

  12. Lovely Bob. I’m sorry every news organization doesn’t spout news in the way you would like them to.

    Dogma = Opposing viewpoints should be encouraged?

    Outrageous even by your standards. Fox News isn’t any more biased than the other news outlets. Unless of course you think the rest have no bias, in which case you would be wrong.

    Does this blog have a bias? I think so. That’s why I like it. Generally it doesn’t mimic my own feelings and opinions.

    Anyone one can reach out into the internet and find dozens of stories and accounts to back their own views. I just don’t feel the need, it doesn’t help, you could find a dozen more opposing my view. So on and so forth. I don’t find it constructive.

  13. Anyone can, if they are there. You don’t even try. Still waiting and ignoring your spew. Get a fact and evidence. Prove me wrong, show me that the lies you tell are true.

    All mouth, no facts.

  14. I didn’t say you wrong about anything other than it being one sided.


    I picked this one because it does seem to be a concerted effort. You asked for a fact and I have dutifully found one.

    Do I think it swung the election? No.

    You are the hate filled one not me. Maybe you should get a massage.

    I’d also like to note that almost all of the GOP minority candidates that won did so in highly white districts. Just a point of interest.

  15. Fine. At least you found one example. Stop accusing me of hate when I point out obvious facts and back them up with example after example. It is very low class of you to attack me personally with made up nonsense.

  16. You only asked for one.

    You repeatedly and routinely make accusations of widespread hate among republicans and the tea parties. The racial make up of a group doesn’t mean they are racist. If that were true the NAACP would be considered a horrifically racist organization.

    What was your goal with providing examples of conservative persons intimidating voters? I’m sure if given more than 30 seconds we could find examples of white people intimidating black people, black people intimidating asians, asians intimidating democrats and democrats intimidating republicans.

    Its horrible but its commonplace (relatively, its still an extremely tiny tiny fraction of voters that report or experience these things, millions upon millions vote, I found maybe 20 cases from both sides during my quick search) It doesn’t sway elections so its something that should be dealt with but not the end of the free world.

  17. There are reports by respected journalists and newspaper and magazines and on respected blogs all over the net that show examples of hate and racism and phobias exhibited by tea party and right wing people. I can find hundreds of examples but it wouldn’t matter since you, Nate, have your mind made up already. I showed a half dozen examples just from the last couple of days. I have read dozens of reports but I have only seen a couple from the democrats.

    Your anecdotal statements without examples are worthless. That is what the right wing always does – fabricate situations, just like the Acorn setup fabrication in which they were vindicated, just like the NH Republican group convicted of phone tampering, just like Watergate. For every example that a Democrat/progressive is guilty, there are 100 examples of Republicans/Conservatives doing the same thing and taking it far further. Like I said, if these situations really existed then Faux Noise would be spewing all over the airwaves instead of their constant lies and fabrications and exaggerations. You must be proud of them, I suppose.

  18. OK, why don’t you give me one hundred examples of taking it far further from the last few days.

    I would like to see all of this evidence, its certainly interesting that the tea party is so racist and all I have seen is a few scattered mentions of it. Everyone makes the claim but its pretty hard to find evidence. The tea party is so racist that they backed Nikki Haley for governor of SC and she won. So xenophobic of them.

    I don’t want black senators, governors, representatives or presidents. Nor do I want Asian ones or Latino ones or white ones. I don’t consider those things when I vote. Liberals seem to, I can’t imagine why. Do you think someones skin color makes them more qualified? What difference does it make if there is a black senator or not? None.

    You keep on considering race Bob. From what I have seen the tea parties could care less about it.

  19. Go find your own one hundred examples. It is easy to find, unlike anything more than a couple to back up your anecdotes. Just because you are lazy doesn’t mean I will do it for you.

    Meanwhile, here is Roy Zimmerman’s take on all this:


  20. So while I had to find my evidence I have to find yours as well?

    I don’t think so.

    We have probably gone as far as we can with this, we are starting to go around and around.

    Good chat Bob.

  21. You are correct, I have gone around and around with a plethora of evidence and you supplied anecdotes.

  22. You have indicated some isolated incidents, they happen every election and both sides are just as guilty.

    You have provided no evidence that any of this was more than individuals, who do not speak or act for a whole group or segment of people. The example I provided you on the other hand was a case of widespread planned voter interference by a group.

    Like I said I don’t think it changed anything, anywhere. People can think for themselves. I know that fact scares you.

  23. Spin, spin, spin – you sure are good at spinning nonsense, Nate. Next you will tells the Pope is infallible or about how compassionate conservatives are or how there are no racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists or homophones in the tea party.

  24. Maybe you haven’t read what I’ve written before so I’ll say it again.

    I’m quite confident that there are violent, bigoted, “xenophobic”, misogynistic, “homophobic” people in the tea parties. Just as confident that there are some in the democratic party and the military and acorn and so on and so forth. You don’t shake off these “hallmarks” of human “achievement” by a groups doctrine or bylaws or even by its purpose.

    Don’t act like the tea party is somehow the sole repository for people with these traits, because only pure ignorance could lead a person to that conclusion.

    I’m also aware that while these people exist in, most likely, every group numbering over one, there are also those people that have no affiliation with a given group and show up to hold signs with racist sayings and such just to try and make them look bad.

    That shit happens at every rally for every candidate on both sides.

  25. Blah blah. I still don’t care how you twist and spin it.

  26. I’m sure it abundantly clear to anyone else following this who is lacking substance on the matter.

  27. Clearly, you lack substance because you just give opinions and I give evidence. Even a 12 year old can see that.

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