A plea for beer

It is the most noble of pleas, is it not?

I’m looking for this:

I had the pleasure of drinking a few of these while in Moshi, but for the life of me I cannot seem to find them for personal order over here. I did manage to find them for large-scale purchase, but I really don’t plan on opening my own beer shack where I live. Does anyone have any information on how I might get hold of some Kilimanjaro Lager? There is also Serengeti Lager, and I would be pleased with that as well.

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  1. As of right now it’s illegal to get “mail order” beer in Maine. A bummer, but I’m sure if we could ever fix that situation you would be able to find it easily online.

  2. “mail order” alcohol is also illegal in Massachusetts. I will look around in Florida to possibly bring you some back in April.

    Poor ratings here:

  3. There is hope for Maine. You can buy wine through ‘mail order’, just not beer or the harder things.

    Those 1930’s “progressives” still have their angry little claws in our booze.

    Home brewing is legal but home distilling isn’t. I can make 250 gallons of beer and wine for every person over 21 in the household! But I can’t distill a quart of alcohol legally.


  4. Those 1930′s “progressives” still have their angry little claws in our booze.

    Those 1930′s “conservatives” still have their angry little claws in our booze.

    Fixed that for you.

  5. If you’re going to call them conservatives than I hope you realize they get woman’s suffrage as well as the prohibition we were talking about.

  6. I think those are separate groups of women. Some suffragettes were hard drinking women. There was overlap though.

  7. The whole movement is characterized as the ‘progressive’ movement though. Terms from 80 years ago don’t line up with terms today, at least not very well.

    Just as the democratic party was the party of slavery, the party of the south, 150 years ago.

  8. I thought there was a recent ruling that said Maine’s ban on home delivered beer violated something or other and was thus not valid?

  9. I’m not sure, that would certainly be nice.

    In general the states can regulate alcohol in pretty much anyway they choose, so long as it is to control consumption, not a form of economic protectionism.

    I know that the state had tried to only allow in state wineries ship their product and either the courts or the AG said they couldn’t do that. So we got a law that requires all wineries wishing to ship wine to individuals to register with the state.

    Burdensome, pointless and moronic. Par for the course whenever government does anything.

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