Two worthwhile videos

The first is hilarious.

I love Ricky Gervais.

The second is surprising for the level of caricature to which the theists rises. “You believe in reason and things that work! You have faith, you have faith, you have faith!” Good job. You totally got us, what with your use of reason against reason. Good job.

Tasmanian devils may go extinct

Just over a year ago I wrote about the facial cancer that has been so deeply afflicting the Tasmanian devil population. Things have only become worse.

Tasmanian devil cancer is threatening to wipe out the entire species, and researchers say there are only around 2,000 left in the wild, according to Scientific American.

An infectious type of cancer called devil facial tumor disease first appeared in 1996 and has killed off 90 percent of the population of the famed carnivorous marsupial.

Scientific American notes that in the last nine months, the cancer die-offs have increased from 70 to 90 percent of the population, leaving researchers with no other choice than to fear the worst.

As I wrote last year (in this post), the disease ought to be considered a separate organism, free to undergo its own evolution. That’s exactly what has happened.

And to make matters worse, the cancer has turned into 13 different strains since it was first spotted, Sky News reports.

“The disease itself is a living organism and it wants to stay alive and it fights to stay alive,” David Schapp, a breeder at a Tasmanian devil facility, told Sky. “So when it meets devils that show some form of resistance to it, the disease evolves and changes so it gets to live and continue.”

This certainly is not the first time cancer has acted this way, but that doesn’t mean this is any less horrific. The most likely way the Tasmanian devil is going to be saved will be through human intervention. Fortunately, that is exactly what is in the works with the creation of temporary habitats. It isn’t the most ideal situation, but it is the best solution.

And the winner of the Riffy Award is…

Jesus and Mo!

The 2011 Riffy Awards drew more than 15,000 reader votes in five categories. And “Jesus and Mo” certainly seemed able to mobilize its many online converts: The twice-weekly cartoon by the pseudonymous Mohammed Jones won both the Best Comic and Best Webcomic categories in our nonbinding reader poll — a result that left the Scottish cartoonist “very surprised,” he tells Comic Riffs.

“I got a little bit of hate mail a few years ago — I don’t get any at all now,” the cartoonist tells us. “Maybe this Riffy Award will change that.”

Jesus and Mo
. Read it.

LOL, theist gets bitch slapped

I don’t like “lol”. But I really did laugh out loud at this one.

Typical for believers to jump on this without understanding the context. Here’s what one of the study’s authors had to say about the finding:

* The idea of anger toward God can be relevant for SOME (not all!) people who don’t believe in God (e.g., atheists, agnostics).
–For example, some nonbelievers have anger toward God as part of their history, and some report anger when prompted to focus on a residual or hypothetical image of God. (The thinking might be like this: “If God did exist, then he would be a jerk.”)
–IMPORTANT: ** We are by no means claiming that all nonbelievers are angry at God.

More deets:

Sorry, we’re not angry at your imaginary friend.

This comes from Mike D, one of those blogging atheists who does his homework. He was replying to a post that gave an intentionally false impression of a study about atheists. Why do I say intentionally false? Doesn’t that imply lying? Yep. It comes from the biggest liar I have ever encountered, after all. (And he has a history of distorting studies.)

(If the link to Mike D’s post doesn’t work, don’t be surprised. The liar who runs the site is a coward who hates to be embarrassed. He may delete the comment or alter the link slightly.)

To give some background, the reason for the post distorting what atheists believe is that it is a direct response to my post about Christians deep down. (My original posts seem to be the primary lifeline for that site – even if I never get credit.) In my post I made the clear point that it is not okay to say atheists are atheists just because they hate God. That’s tantamount to saying atheists really believe in God, and if that’s true, then they aren’t really atheists. It’s just bullshit rhetoric designed to create a strawman.

And that’s what that whole post goes on to do. And, as usual, it does it in a fundamentally dishonest fashion. I’m not surprised. In fact, my usual reaction is literally to just roll my eyes. But I found Mike D’s honest post to be such a thorough bitch slapping that I couldn’t help but share the joy.