Another one no theist can adequately answer

Unearned respect

And the winner of the Riffy Award is…

Jesus and Mo!

The 2011 Riffy Awards drew more than 15,000 reader votes in five categories. And “Jesus and Mo” certainly seemed able to mobilize its many online converts: The twice-weekly cartoon by the pseudonymous Mohammed Jones won both the Best Comic and Best Webcomic categories in our nonbinding reader poll — a result that left the Scottish cartoonist “very surprised,” he tells Comic Riffs.

“I got a little bit of hate mail a few years ago — I don’t get any at all now,” the cartoonist tells us. “Maybe this Riffy Award will change that.”

Jesus and Mo
. Read it.

Vote for Jesus and Mo

I am going to concur with so many other bloggers out there and recommend that people go to this poll on the best webcomic and vote for Jesus and Mo.

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I’ve even heard this one before

via Jesus and Mo.

Be careful not to define your terms

That’s how the religious git’cha.

How to make religion and science fit

via Jesus and Mo.

A little Jesus and Mo

Jesus and Mo.

The militancy!

Jesus and Mo

Just like a fanatic

Jesus and Mo.