New header options

Here are some of my thoughts on a suitable new header image. These pictures aren’t finalists or anything; I’m still open to suggestion.

Kilimanjaro in the morning

Kilimanjaro glacier

Kilimanjaro sunrise


Part of the decision will rest upon what image best lends itself to the dimensions of the header.

4 Responses

  1. This is also a game of ‘Which one of these is different from the rest?’

  2. Definitely go with 017, the stained glass jukebox, it is so sciencey!

    My vote is for the glacier.

  3. Holy Crow Hawkins, those pictures are pretty unbelievable. I like the sunrise one and the badlands. But man, they’re all so pretty.

  4. being that youre gonna have to crop the image, id go with the light part of the badlands

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