Where are you, Sean Hannity?!

According to Sean Hannity Logic, doesn’t this mean global warming is real? Why hasn’t he been talking about this weather just as much as he talks about unusually cold weather?

18 Responses

  1. Because there is nothing funny about it, no irony. I would have thought that was obvious.

  2. Hannity doesn’t specialize in humor or irony, he specializes in lies and bullshit.

  3. ….or perhaps he doesn’t know the differnce between weather and climate…..

  4. I’ll defer to the expert in bullshit on that one.

    Paul, I’m sure he knows the difference. But when people go making dire predictions that don’t come true they should expect criticism in all forms, including the mockery we are talking about.

  5. I’m willing to entertain a lot of things global warming skeptics/deniers say, but “its cold out today” is incredibly stupid. Good point today.

  6. Cold weather might convince the conservative media that it’s all bunk, but it only does so as much as hot weather convinces the liberal media it true.

  7. I think people are incredibly stupid if they deny the overwhelming finding of scientist that man has contributed to global warming.

  8. Of course man has contributed to the amount of CO2. Whether that constitutes a global disaster or not is up for grabs as far as I’m concerned.

  9. ehh it’s been unusually cold out here in so cal for the last month or so. maybe you guys are stealing all of our warmth! :) i’m not complaining. summer out here sucks

  10. Knowing that, would you willingly put our species ar risk????????

  11. Knowing what? At risk from what?

  12. The risk of the world being uninhabitale because your beliefs they are “up for Grabs”

  13. Not even the craziest ‘believer’ has predicted that. I’ve seen some horrible scenarios, but they are more likely based on the next grant they want rather than evidence.

    Temps have been much higher and much lower on earth before and it wasn’t uninhabitable, there is no reason to think the small increases predicted would make the world uninhabitable, or even close.

  14. Once again, the troll Nate mounts an unprovoked personal attack on me.

    This shows what a douchebag he is.

  15. Not an attack, but you seem to know more about bullshit than anyone else here you describe so much as bullshit I have merely assumed you have some expertise.

  16. You are correct. I know a lot about bullshit from reading your comments.

    Of course, as usual, you derail the thread because you don’t agree with it.

    Same old tactics.

  17. Sure troll, anything you say.

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